Optimizing food retail: Ascendion’s agile data platform for bakery products maker

Reimagined data platform results in ~50% sweet savings for bakery products maker​

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Ascendion April 17, 2023

Food is an art that is time bound. To ensure that food stays fresh, large food retail chains have to utilize all their products with data-driven decisions. Our client, a bakery products maker, required a data platform that was agile and processed data in real-time​.

The returns on investment on their data platform were limited and, they required a strong data engineering team to deal with complex data needs​. Time to market with insights was slow due to the complex echo system. ​ ​

Building a scalable platform for the future

Ascendion reimagined the data platform and created a flexible, scalable, and economical data platform​. We simplified data processing through smart data pipelines and enabled data sharing across the enterprise​ and future-proofed data architecture considering the customer’s future roadmap and data gravity​. We also performed MVP driven architectural component validation for product selection ​

The results:

  • Simplified and easy-to-maintain data engineering process​
  • ~50% cost savings on datastore license fee​
  • Quality and faster actionable insights​
  • Data engineering team with strong skills and simplified architecture ​ ​

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