Building the software that shapes our lives begins with talent. We have engaged people primed for innovation and agility with new methods, communities of practice, and tools for the job.

Circles are communities of practice

Our engineering approach

The Ascendion communities of practice allow us to engineer from anywhere it makes sense, align pod project teams to specific client requirements, and improve engineering outcomes with technology based on the Ascendion AVA engineering platform.

We say, “YES!” to hybrid work for our software development teams. We have engineering hubs in key cities in North America and India, while also deploying teams to client sites or to work remotely, wherever it makes sense. Circles without borders allow developers with common interests to build community, share knowledge, and work on cutting-edge solutions for clients while growing their own careers.

Members from different Circles come together to form project teams, called Pods, to work in client-focused, collaborative agile teams. This structure mobilizes best practices, aligned to client goals, and helps solve complex problems quickly and confidently.

Ascendion AVA is our engineering platform. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) engines and automation so clients and teams have One View of engineering processes with full transparency. AVA helps accelerate our digital engineering processes while improving overall quality, auditability, and transparency.

Featured engineering circles


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Data & AI

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Health Tech

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