Delivering engineering solutions that are stress-free

Quality engineering ensures software innovation that isn’t frustrating (or catastrophic)

Quality engineering delivers code you can trust. Ascendion’s culture of excellence delivers reliable software at scale with lower effort, improved/optimized costs, greater transparency, and a more modern business — with IT leaders sleeping well through the night.

With Ascendion’s quality engineering and software testing services and solutions, address unpredictability, low productivity, pesky bugs, incomplete test coverage, and inadequate test data.

Improve digital engineering and business outcomes with:

  • Security testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Application testing services
  • Software product testing

The Ascendion Advantage

Quality engineering allows us to co-engineer with clients to solve small problems before they get bigger. With a quality engineering approach, clients get software products and platforms faster, better, and at scale.

Clients gain deeper level insights from real time key performance indicators on the system engineering activities via Ascendion AVA OneView®. The solution allows engineering teams to monitor and measure the status and quality of user stories, sprint velocity, defect density, code quality, build quality, mean time to change, mean time to repair, and more.

Automation 360

To stay competitive, businesses must fundamentally transform how they build and test applications with quality, speed, and scale. Ascendion’s Automation 360 service provides an all-around, universal approach to application security testing by using high-degree automation throughout the full life cycle. This enables IT organizations to move away from the test function as an independent, manual process.

  • Ascendion AVA Intelligent Test Automation (ITA): AI-based, low-code test automation suite
  • Agile testing: Benefit from access to a multilayered test automation strategy
  • AI and analytics-based approach: Brings speed, quality, and productivity

Experience End-to-end Business Assurance

Ascendion’s end-to-end business assurance, application testing services and software solutions ensure that system behaviors will meet the expectations of business operations for each new business need implemented in the IT system.

  • For complex IT landscapes
  • Avoid fragmented tests with multiple streams
  • Improve orchestration to avoid finding defects late, causing delays, and overruns
  • Lean Six Sigma Certified quality engineering consultants deliver complex IT solutions

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