We make and manage software platforms and products that power growth, lower risk, improve how work gets done, and deliver captivating experiences to consumers and employees through innovative digital engineering solutions.

Anyone can envision the future.
We help you build it.

At the intersection of today and tomorrow, we work to ensure a more prosperous, joyful future. How? By making beautiful software more accessible with enterprise digital transformation. 

We build what others can’t and go where others won’t. We find a better way with our global talent constellation, transformational technology, gig-economy velocity, and vibrant culture. We break barriers by engineering digital technology fit for the future. 

The future is what you engineer. We can get you there. 


Generative AI is here. Does your company have the DNA to make it work?

Read what Dr. Garth Andrus and Ian Lee have to share about the implementation of Gen AI.

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We see AI as enhancing the enterprise, boosting productivity, and embracing innovation

We are already engineering and deploying advanced AI systems. And we’ve been doing it for a few years already.

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A new kind of company for a new kind of world

Our lives – and work – are getting a software upgrade. Supply chain predictability. Virtual healthcare. Just-in-time retail. Trusted financial services. Seamless extended reality experiences. Work from, well, anywhere. Our new expectations of technology are creating new market truths. The unknowns outweigh the knowns. But what we do know is: we will not revert to the old normal.

Our perspective

Introducing Cognixia

Cognixia is a digital transformation partner, offering digital talent and organization transformation solutions to the market. Together, we provide technology, talent, and organization to successfully provide digital transformation for our clients. But transformation is not “one size fits all”. Our clients need specialization, rather than generalization. Ascendion and Cognixia provide a specialized approach through deeply impactful offerings and skilled talent.

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Client Success Stories

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Golden 1 banks on QA testing for successful new product launch

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Huron and Ascendion partner on software engineering expertise for successful product development

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Engineering for lift