A new kind of company for a new kind of world

Accelerating software and AI to enhance the enterprise

Our lives – and work – are getting a software upgrade. Supply chain predictability. Virtual healthcare. Just-in-time retail. Trusted financial services. Seamless extended reality experiences. Work from, well, anywhere. Our new expectations of technology are creating new market truths. The unknowns outweigh the knowns. But what we do know is: we will not revert to the old normal.

Welcome to the code economy

Business and technology leaders are facing an enormous wave of value creation. Cloud, ubiquitous Wi-Fi, low-cost sensors, artificial intelligence systems, and platforms for nearly every work process, have all been invented – they exist – but they have yet to be fully deployed.

The next phase of our revolution is software engineering at scale.

It’s time to take the new systems, processes, and experiences and apply them to our lives in ways that could only be imagined by sci-fi authors and futurists.

At Ascendion, we know the time for this is now.

It’s time to accelerate digital innovation

Leaders today already know that digital innovation, including advanced AI, is the key to unlocking huge value for the future of nearly every industry.

Ascendion is already engineering and deploying advanced AI systems. And we’ve been doing it for a few years already. The Ascendion AVA engineering platform uses advanced AI to shape how we practice software engineering and the impact we deliver to clients. We see AI as enhancing the enterprise, boosting productivity, and embracing innovation in a way that fits business. We know the engine of progress is the makers of the world. The engineers, designers, and coders inventing and applying new technologies are the true heroes.

But the risks associated with building and improving software – whether AI systems, cloud platforms, or data architecture – are strangling the potential of many organizations.

Built differently to engineer the next

Ascendion turns innovation risk on its head. Where there was baggage from the old ways of working, we see the way forward.

We de-risk digital innovation by balancing three aspects of modern, full-service, digital engineering.

  • Balanced teams of full-time and gig workers
  • 500+ recruiters and 2.3 million alumni
  • Ascendion Circles create communities of practice for mentoring and learning
  • Inclusive workforce and certified minority-owned business

  • Global network of engineering hubs and nodes for anti-fragility
  • Ascendion AVA engineering platform
  • MeTAL talent platform with AI-powered matching of 6 million+ candidates
  • Cognixia trains and aligns skills with client technology estates

  • Enterprise rigor with gig-economy flexibility
  • Flexible agreements based on outcomes delivered, shared responsibility, or managed talent pods

Welcome to generation make

We see it this way: the killer app is no longer the technology, but the engineering talent behind the tech.

The market is in digital action mode. It’s time for the makers of the world – engineers, designers, and coders – to harness new technologies to manage our money, improve our health, educate our children, move through the world, and more.

Ascendion was created to deliver full lifecycle digital engineering with modern tech capabilities that transform experiences, engineer new software products, and deliver on new talent models for the future.


From start-up to scale-up, we engineer to elevate life.

Ascendion is a trusted ally for enterprise business and technology leaders engineering the digital future.

Our enabling technology, embedded learning, vibrant culture, and global talent constellation deliver lift against the drag of heritage technology, old ways of working, inadequate skills, and frustrating customer experiences.

Software engineers and creative technologists make and manage platforms and products that deliver growth and productivity while lowering innovation risk.

When others can’t, we say yes to today’s business requirements using gig-economy velocity, agile commercial models, and depth in software engineering.

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