Data is at the intersection of today and tomorrow

Real-time data, AI and machine learning can accelerate business

As software becomes more central to every business, data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) must move from theory and pilots to practice at scale.

With our expertise in modern data sciences, we help organizations transform their use of data, design modern software, drive improved consumer experiences, and elevate business productivity with data engineering services and solutions.

Data Migration & Modernization

Accessible data accelerates time to market by 50%!

Unlock data potential with insights that can scale your data engineering. Data migration and modernization helps technology leaders make their existing data accessible, secure, and – useful to the business.

We help enterprises experience data in action – revolutionizing consumer and worker expectations of software capabilities.

  • Ascendion AVA DataSwitch
    • Our no-code platform helps secure and accelerate data migration and modernization
  • Ascendion AVA DataSwitch focuses on:
    • Re-design Future-State Data schemes
    • Convert legacy ETL processes
    • Migrate Data

Faster Delivery

50% faster time to market with extreme automation using A.AVA

Improve Return-on-Data

As much as 60% savings from A.AVA platform automation, reducing manual effort

Improve Productivity

Boost tech engineer performance with built-in best practices and guidelines

Data Modernization Advisory

  • Data Architecture Consulting
  • Data Modernization Assessment and Migration Strategy
  • Specialized Data Modernization services

Build your insight-driven enterprise

Ascendion helps enterprises orchestrate data with intelligence to drive actionable insights that help maximize business value. 

Business success from data starts with strategy. Our data engineering specialists help business leaders understand the potential impact from data by crafting data value maps and clarifying key outcomes, decision points, and the data required to generate actionable insights. 

We help enterprises reimagine, architect, and build modern data platforms. 

We focus on: 

  • Data strategy and architecture blueprinting 
  • Cloud data platforms, data warehouses, and data hubs 

Most companies are flooded with data, but have a drought of useful insights.  

We help businesses become truly data driven organizations by democratizing analytics and improving business functions through data engineering services and solutions.  

This allows better decisions based on the right data and actionable insights.  

We focus on: 

  • Embedded analytics   
  • Enabling self-service BI 
  • Real-time analytics  
  • Reporting Ops
  • ML-driven report rationalization  
  • X Analytics

AI & ML technologies are some of the most powerful tools of the digital revolution, but so far they have mostly been applied to the mundane (pet food, gaming) and advertising.  

But the opportunity to apply these tools to core business processes and customer experiences across other industry sectors is immense (and exciting).   

We focus on:

  • ML engineering, deep learning 
  • Machine learning operations (MLOps)
  • Artificial intelligence operations (AIOps)
  • Scaling real-time solutions with predictive and prescriptive intelligence
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