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A deep dive into what it’s like to live the Ascendion life

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Stories from Ascenders

Our next move – Mahesh’s Neo4j groove!

Mahesh Tati

Data Engineer

A brief encounter with a coder, gamer and Pokémon card collector

Joshua Anderson

Java full-stack developer goes from accounting books to coding hooks

Mark Rubio

Java Full-Stack Developer

Crafting words, shaping brands with our Content Lead

Deeptha Sreedhar

Content Lead

A day in the life of Alayna

Alayna Constantine

Regional Sales Manager

A day-in-the-life of Kelly

Kelly Ashby

Senior Account Manager

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Future of Talent

The pandemic changed the face of the future. It’s given light to newer ways of working and living. We love our people and encourage them to be their true self. We embrace them and celebrate them for who they are.

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Balancing Hybrid Work

Cassandra Garza’s story

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Balancing Remote Work

Sanjana Mohan Babu’s story

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Shruti Sharma's Story

Take a peek into living the Ascendion life.

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Christina Ross’s story