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Step into the vibrant world of Deeptha Sreedhar, where conversations about people, places, and food come alive. With a background in journalism and a flair for marketing, she brings over seven years of invaluable Copywriting and Editing expertise. As the Content Lead at Ascendion, her meticulous approach leaves no room for error. But it’s not all work and no play for Deeptha. Her eyes light up at the mere mention of long drives, embarking on new adventures, and indulging in clever wordplay. We sat down with her to dive into her incredible journey so far and explore the captivating sources of her excitement. Get inspired by Deeptha’s zest for life and her unwavering dedication to content creation.

From the Start

I knew my path had diverged from the mainstream from an early age. While my peers delved into math and physics, I discovered my true passion: writing. Whether it was crafting captivating school plays or orchestrating memorable ceremonies, I found solace and joy in the art of words.
After graduating high school, my love for writing led me to pursue a degree in Journalism. Countless articles and two degrees later, I felt a calling to explore a new avenue while still holding onto the essence of my passion. Enter marketing—an arena where I could weave words while delving into the intricacies of different industries.
From financial market analyses to unraveling engineering wonders and everything in between, I yearned to write, to immerse myself in the diverse tapestry of human knowledge and innovation.
As my journey continued, I made the pivotal decision to transition from a client-facing agency marketer to the client side at Ascendion. Here, I sought to deepen my understanding of B2B and engineering marketing, wearing multiple hats in my content writing role. From fueling growth and demand generation to shaping corporate communications and talent marketing, I embraced the dynamic challenges that awaited me.

The Power of Collaboration

Navigating the vast expanse of topics as writers, we strive to become versatile in our craft. Despite my non-engineering background, I embrace the challenge of delving into technical subjects. Collaborating with brilliant senior engineers, I am fortunate to distill complex concepts into digestible knowledge.
In 2022, a career highlight emerged—the exciting rebranding initiative. Unlike typical marketing endeavors, this rebranding was akin to crafting a revolutionary app. From ideation to implementation, it wove a resonant narrative for employees, clients, and the world. Such opportunities arise only once or twice in a lifetime, and I seized it eagerly.
Battling against time, our team embarked on the ambitious mission of transforming the company’s brand. From press releases to website content and communication materials, we took charge with confidence. Our to-do list was a never-ending list of excitement. I got to learn and implement every step in successfully launching our new brand from start to finish.
A personal triumph was witnessing the awe-inspiring impact of our rebranding on Ascendion’s leaders and colleagues. From captivating branding materials to compelling narratives across our online platforms, bringing these creations to life was a joyous adventure.
Within Ascendion, I found the perfect balance between professional ambition and personal well-being. Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities. I relish the flexibility to work early mornings, take breaks, and resume tasks later in the day. Some days demand deep focus, while others brim with vibrant collaboration.
Ascendion distinguishes itself by empowering individuals to shape their workdays according to their needs. Having this freedom and a dynamic environment, paired with completing fulfilling projects, make Ascendion the epitome of a remarkable workplace.

In 2022, a career highlight emerged—the exhilarating rebranding initiative. Unlike typical marketing endeavors, this complete rebranding was akin to crafting a revolutionary app. From ideation to implementation, it wove a resonant narrative for employees, clients, and the world. Such opportunities arise only once or twice in a lifetime, and I seized it eagerly.

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A story about when my team showered good vibes

My team operates with a transformative force that brings out the best in people, igniting their passion and potential. Being ‘Deeply Empathetic’ and being an ‘Ally to Colleagues’ are two of the values at Ascendion, and I have seen people living by them first-hand.
From uncertainty to overwhelming support, my journey at Ascendion showcased the power of teamwork. Falling sick just months after joining, I met with uncertainty in my professional life. With sciatic pain, it was a lengthy recovery process. However, my manager, my team, and HR surprised me with their unwavering care and understanding.
Every call with HR and my team was filled with reassurance and calm. They urged me to prioritize my health and not worry about anything else. Their support extended beyond words, assisting me with insurance and documentation and even extending mental health support to professionals.

For this, the people here have my heart.

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