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Simplify tech with great user experience (UX)

Smooth user experience is the key to retaining customers. One swipe order? Great. Two taps to simply checkout? Brilliant. The minute it gets difficult to navigate with technology, consumers find it repealing. Businesses often focus only on the tech aspects of the products and forget the end-user perspective. Ascendion’s experience engineering services, coupled with UI/UX modernization focuses on making customer experience personalized, intuitive, frictionless, yet simple and agile. We aim to make technology accessible with simple and smart designs – be it for customers, employees or both.

We help businesses deliver on customer expectations with insights from data, creative UI modernization, user experience design, and modern enterprise architectures.

More than just design

UX Information Architecture Research Visual Design User Experience Strategy Frontend Development Usability operational map to how a product acts and functions work for users. learning what end users of a system or product need and want to enhance the design process for products, services or software. designing digital products or services that are intuitive, efficient, and satisfying for users to interact with plan of actions designed to reach an improved future state of the organization's user experience over an established period of time technical implementation of the software's user interface ease of user interaction with a website or product with great UI UX engineering USER EXPERIENCE

Building the ideal customer experience is beyond mere designs. We work with businesses to understand the human perspective across all facets of the business. From customer expectations, their engagement levels, to research on market reactions and more – experience engineering is a whole spectrum.

We use a design thinking approach to gain insights, experiment, and ensure that the technology serves users and the business.

Ascendion’s UX/UI architecture ties together the business need, ideal experience, and technology requirements—all validated through the eyes of the user. The Ascendion UI engineering design process dovetails all phases of the product lifecycle.

Ascendion has a four-way approach to UX architecture:

5 Ascendion Experience Studios globally
5 ExperienceAccelerators
100+ Experience Engineering implementations
50 UXSpecialists
45 2D/3DDesigners
1500 ExperienceEngineers

The Ascendion Advantage

Experience engineering allows us to create exceptional user experience by crossing the chasm between technology and design. Ascendion is an ally for digital transformation.

  • We create masters of UX craft: With our ‘Circles,’ communities of practice for peer-based learning—and training, working partnerships with platform companies, and applied project mentorship, our team of engineers are UX experts with applied skills in UX/UI modernization, personalization.
  • Our experience engineering practices are built with radical transparency in mind: We offer a DoorDash experience for your UX engineering approach – with a mindset to minimize surprises.
  • We use software to help us engineer hassle-free UI/UX designs for enhanced customer experiences: With Ascendion AVA, our core engineering platform, get 50% to 60% higher program efficiency in your experience engineering journey.

Transform your digital user experience with Ascendion’s UX/UI experience engineering services – talk to us and know more about how we can do it for you.

With Ascendion’s expertise and transformation experience, we aim to simplify and modernize the business-as-usual IT estate to unlock near-term investment to accelerate digital innovation.

Beautiful designs for all needs

Whether B2B, B2C or B2E, we build seamless web and mobile designs for all business models. We specialize in crafting immersive and seamless UI UX engineering experiences that empower users and result in deeper engagement, increased conversions, and customer loyalty.


Ascendion’s experience engineering for gaming is obsessed with connecting and serving all gaming enthusiasts across the world.
The Ascendion Gaming Studio is a specialized crew passionate about game storyboarding, game design, level design, game mechanics design, 3D designs, game engineering, character modelling, animation, and quality testing.
We don’t just build games. We build gaming ecosystems. We see Games Backend as a Service as an optimized and efficient approach to using cloud technologies while orchestrating and automating game and player operations.

  • Build device agnostic solutions
  • Automated development lifecycles
  • Shift from game operations to player experiences

Our work