We build software for humans

We build software products and platforms that create delightful personalized experiences for consumers and employees

Customers today engage with brands via a wide range of channels – the Web, mobile, voice, Augmented reality (AR), wearables, and more.
Customer expectations for digitalized experiences have never been higher. The fast- emerging Metaverse promises to take experiences to the next level.

We help businesses deliver on customer expectations with insights from data, creative experience design, and modern enterprise architectures.

Our solutions help drive exceptional experiences

Leverage Ascendion’s creativity, consulting, and deep engineering expertise to orchestrate rich, right, and relevant experiences across channels and interactions.

Our teams of design experts help re-imagine, design, and architect exceptional experiences across channels using a human-centered design approach.

We focus on:

  • Customer journey mapping and experience design blueprints
  • B2C and B2B e-commerce transformation
  • Experience platform selection and implementation roadmap
  • Integrated API-first digital architecture and orchestration

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences.

We help organizations engineer digital experience solutions:

  • Build, upgrade, transform, and deploy experience technologies
  • “Headless” experience where the front-end and back-end of e-commerce systems are tightly coupled to improve agility
  • Integrate and create experience platforms through APIs and microservices
  • Unlock customer insights and personalization with integrated AI solutions
  • Adopt modern experience technologies like voice, AR/VR, and wearables as part of the experience ecosystem

We help brands move beyond transactions. Create experiential commerce that is robust, frictionless, and connects digital and physical channels to drive results.

  • Evaluate and select digital commerce technologies 
  • Implement and continuously enhance commerce platforms 
  • Integrate commerce platforms to back-end enterprise solutions 
  • Implement marketplace solutions for brands to reach global customers 

Our work