Liberation from constraints

Gain a competitive advantage with Cloud-native platforms and services

Cloud has become the new technology and infrastructure normal for all modern enterprises. This enables businesses to design and build scalable, data-driven solutions that align with core business strategies.

Ascendion’s Cloud engineering teams help organizations create a Cloud strategy, migrate enterprise platforms to the Cloud, and engineer Cloud-native applications.

The Cloud is the “Alternating Current” for the digital revolution

Cloud-enablement shapes solutions that intersect business, technology, and how work gets done.

A well-defined Cloud strategy helps accelerate the digital transformation journey.

An effective roadmap includes a strategy for setting a course for the future, migrating existing platforms and infrastructure to the Cloud, and building new Cloud-native applications.

We focus on:

  • Insight about an optimal Cloud infrastructure strategy
  • Decisions about which applications could be migrated, re-built, or retired
  • A path for enterprise Cloud migration
  • A path for new application development

Our Cloud migration approach is powered by automation, security, and tools that ensure accelerated migration of applications, data, and workloads to a Cloud-based environment.

We focus on:

  • Enterprise applications Cloud migration
  • Data migration to Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud platforms
  • Large scale lift and shift  

Accelerate business with Cloud-native enterprise and customer-facing applications engaged via the Web and mobile. Apps must be able to scale in a hybrid Cloud environment.

We focus on:

  • Cloud-native application development
  • Architecture, containerization, and microservices development

Rapidly expanding Cloud ecosystems demand an effective CloudOps process to succeed.  

A wide range of technologies and engineering services – support, CloudOps, devOps, cybersecurity, and more – bring the Cloud from vision and theory to scalable operations. 

We focus on:

  • Cloud support and infrastructure operations
  • Site reliability engineering services
  • CloudOps
  • Cloud optimization solutions
  • Cloud native development leveraging the deeper level of support provided by Cloud providers for enterprise solutions 
  • CloudSecOps point of contact with the latest trends in security and Ops automation on Cloud 
  • Creating next-gen reference infrastructure architectures for distributed applications, OLTP DBs, OLAP and building frameworks for consolidations and optimization 

Our work