Build a learning organization for digital innovation

Innovative learning solutions for teams and individuals to stay ahead of the curve

Ascendion brings harmony to engineering by orchestrating the right talent with the skills, experience, and specialties to succeed with digital innovation. With over 250 virtual and in-person programs across the most relevant technologies, Cognixia is our learning system for our teammates and client teams that aligns skills to specific client technology environments.

Rewire to elevate workforce skills

Companies have great talent who have experience, know how the business runs, and fit the culture. But digital innovation can require new skills, a new mindset, and new ways of looking at the business.

Cognixia Rewire is our solution for companies to upskill their people and teams with prescriptive and tailored learning programs. It’s the same training we offer our Ascenders, and we make it available to clients.

Helping create a future-proof workforce helps clients work with us to drive innovation faster and with lower risk.

JUMP to the forefront with new talent

It’s become a business cliché that there isn’t enough talent to meet demand.


To paraphrase William Gibson, terrific talent is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.

What’s missing is an on-ramp to help early-career talent, often in under-accessed locations, get the right skills – quickly – to begin adding value.

Cognixia JUMP is our rapid learning process for finding, training, and positioning talent – often digital natives – with the skills aligned to specific client technology environments.

This helps ensure innovation success because we amp up recruiters skills to align with client-specific industries, technology environments, and project outcomes.

In addition to the solution’s efficient economics, we connect clients to a diverse range of talent including women, minorities, and other under-represented talent communities.

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