Talent is the new killer app

Technology talent velocity, agility, and skill development are now conditions for survival for every business. And we can help

In the post-pandemic digital economy, the real competitive advantage is less about the machines and more about the people! We’re in the early days of the phase where people using these fantastic new tools, are bringing new experiences to life, and changing how business is done.

Having the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time has always been essential. But the digital economy is faster – and less forgiving – than anything we’ve seen before.

Talent to meet the pace of change

Future-proof your workforce with talent orchestration. 

Rapid-fire evolution of technology makes success dependent on securing ready-to-go talent with the right skills.  

Ascendion offers a fresh approach. We have more than 500 talent specialists globally – all working on a fabric of our enabling technology platforms – to close client engineering and skill gaps with talent faster than you might imagine. 

Our Direct Hire services are customized with expert talent advisors who utilize data-based insights to identify the best talent to solve your business and engineering challenges. 

Our talent expertise is your advantage

We approach every project with the singular focus of helping clients reach their business and talent objectives.

Talent models that work with you

Our talent advisors help you access the right talent at the right time

The sharpest people to solve the toughest challenges

When it comes to digital talent, we offer the  industry’s  best  and brightest technologists and engineers.

We bring talent with:

  • Top-notch technical and management skills
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Expertise in constantly innovating, developing, and delivering digital technology solutions
  • Track records of enhancing outcomes, systems, and experiences for customers, consumers, and end-users

Swipe right On new team members

Ascendions talent matching platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist our talent advisors in identifying the best talent.  

Tap into our curated network of more than 2.3 million+ talented people from across the globe. Leverage the power of our AI-based matching tool that identifies the right engineering talent for the roles you need to fill. 

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Embedded learning delivers skills that matters

We identify and supercharge individuals and teams with embedded upskilling programs that can be configured to align with technical requirements and industries.  

We help ensure success by identifying and hiring high-potential recruits and then provide upskilling using Cognixia, an embedded learning capability, aligned with industry needs, technical requirements and environments, and project outcomes.   

We help clients connect engineering talent demands to a diverse range of talent including women, minorities, and other under-represented talent communities.  

Explore Cognixia: our embedded learning services

Activate talent at the speed of digital

The Ascendion model for digital technology talent, along with commercial flexibility, can accelerate innovation and growth. We know how to create agile, customized talent solutions to support and grow companies.

With velocity, technology, and commercial flexibility, Ascendion activates and deploys thousands of technology professionals annually.

We have a universe of diverse talent across the globe and deliver talent solutions that bring economic benefits and business outcomes for your enterprise. Ascendion talent advisors use data-based insights and client input to identify the best fit to solve critical business and engineering challenges.

Cognixia is our embedded learning practice that helps keep Ascendion associates, talent, and client teams ahead of always-evolving technology.

In line with client needs, Ascendion has the flexibility to find resources for a Direct Hire position, for gig work, or as part of 100+ member teams.

Our knowledge and experience in specialized industries gives us the edge in knowing your business and bringing in technology talent to meet those unique challenges.

We uncover all-star talent across many industries, with a special focus on:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail