Fostering Collaborative Innovation:
Empowering the Future through Strategic Partnerships

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We are proud of the partnerships with industry leaders such as, Microsoft, Salesforce, MuleSoft, Snowflake, and more. Together, we are pioneering revolutionary technology solutions across industries to bring about transformative changes, crafting the future of technology for our valued clients.

Unlock growth through our deep collaboration with Microsoft in Biz Apps, Data, and AI. Empowering enterprises to harness Microsoft technology, we integrate Azure Data, AI, and OpenAI services for enhanced capabilities.

Elevate your digital evolution with Ascendion’s collaboration alongside AWS, specializing in cutting-edge cloud engineering solutions for data, modernization, and AI advancement.

Maximize Snowflake ROI with Ascendion’s AVA platform, leveraging advanced data cloud capabilities for optimal engineering, scientific insights, sharing, and AI applications.

Aligning with Mulesoft, we accelerate digital and AI transformations, forging pivotal data integration alliances to propel corporate progress.

Partnering seamlessly with Workato, we optimize workflows, enhance efficiency, and achieve business goals in our software engineering collaboration.

Provide cutting-edge solutions across the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, showcasing expertise in Service Cloud, Communities, FSL, Sales, CPQ, Platform, Einstein AI, MuleSoft, and Heroku.

Engage closely with UiPath, a key automation ally, utilizing their cutting-edge solutions to engineer automated processes and drive innovation together.

Integrating digital engineering and advanced AI, we redefine data-driven insights for improved patient care through informed, efficient choices.

Harnessing Stability AI’s open-source generative technologies and Ascendion’s digital expertise, our partnership drives inclusive digital advancement.

Engineer streamlined data solutions, guaranteeing efficiency and delivering superior outcomes for our clientele.

Crafting tailored engineering solutions for healthcare, addressing industry-specific challenges with precision and expertise.

Maximizing the Databricks Unified Data Platform, we optimize data management, computing, AI/ML, sharing, and governance.

Enhance Quality Engineering by seamlessly integrating AI/ML platforms. Our purpose-driven QE methodology enriches businesses, advancing the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Delivering AI-powered Quality Engineering services for unmatched innovation and excellence in our collaborative endeavors.

Employ Chaos Engineering to fortify service resiliency. Elevating SRE, DevOps, Quality, and Platform Engineering practices, we enhance customer satisfaction and business experiences.