From Meerut To Mega Ambitions

Meet Fahima, a senior associate engineer at Ascendion. One of the things that Fahima loves to do is traveling and visiting places, but when she is not doing that, she binge-watches reality shows. The one thing you can’t keep her away from is going to the movies and catching the latest blockbusters on the big screen. 
Armed with a polytechnic degree in Computer Science, she moved to Modinagar, UP to pursue her B-Tech degree in Computer Science. As life may have it, database management and networking caught her attention and got her interested in engineering.
Following her graduation, Fahima, a self-reliant individual, embarked on her career journey as a customer care executive to support her family. However, life had other plans in store for her. After completing a year in this role, she realized that it did not align with her engineering aspirations. Without hesitation, she resigned from her job and enrolled in a training institute to pursue her passion for engineering. There, she undertook a Full Stack Development course where she underwent training on Angular, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS etc.

During her training, Fahima came across a job opportunity at Ascendion and decided to apply. Demonstrating her capabilities, she successfully navigated the interview process and secured a position at Ascendion. For the last two and half years she has been with Ascendion and is loving every second of it.

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I like shopping. But I liked programming for online shopping carts even more.

Hi, I am Fahima. My training at Ascendion began on Java along with front-end technologies. During my training period, I also got an opportunity to work on an e-commerce project where I was tasked to create an online shopping cart. This was the project where I could use my full stack expertise fully. Both the trainings I took, prior to joining Ascendion and after joining Ascendion, made me more confident in Full Stack technologies. This is how I was able to come up with the best version of the online shopping cart as compared to the rest and I was appreciated for my work.
Post my project, I was offered a full-time role and I joined the Data and AI team in the capacity of Associate Data Engineer. Initially my primary role at Ascendion was to work with databases and create database structures.

The Allure of Azure

Joining Ascendion has been the best experience of my life. My first project was an E-Commerce project, where our client wanted to migrate from a monolithic architecture to microservices architecture. Basis my expertise in databases, I was tasked to create database structure and create tables, views and stored procedures within the relational databases. Later on, the relational database was moved to GCP. It was a great project for me because I had an opportunity to closely work with the GCP team and got to learn a lot regarding Google Cloud Platform.

A rising star

Recently, I worked on a POC with a leading aerospace client. It was a data migration project where I was tasked to migrate the data and code from Snowflake to Azure Synapse. My job was to convert and validate Snowflake DDL scripts to Delta tables and views. We used AVA data switch, Ascendion’s proprietary tool to convert the code from snowflake to Azure Synapse. I also made sure that there are no compatibility issues in terms of outliers in the code, data type issues etc. validating by running in the environment.

My fit with Ascendion?

Working at Ascendion is like meeting all the right people, at the right place, at the right time. The guidance and support that I have got from my manager and teammates has been extraordinary.
Being part of Data and AI circles has helped me a lot in pursuing my interest in cloud technologies. I can proudly say that all the support from my managers, the training and mentorship from circle leaders has helped me in cracking the Azure data fundamentals certification. I continue to learn every day, and would like to be known as an expert in Cloud technologies.
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