Cloud data migration yields up to 60% cost savings for a leading food services company - Ascendion

Cloud data migration yields up to 60% cost savings for a leading food services company

Ascendion March 14, 2024

Food service providers race against time in delivery and management thanks to shelf-life challenges. It is crucial for them to ensure error-free and timely service for their customers to enjoy the fresh and high-quality produce. Our client, a food-service major encountered hurdles in their current setup, hindering their ability to handle increased workloads and resource demands.

They sought solutions for scalability issues, slow query speeds, and complexities in managing complex data analytics tasks. Wanted a smooth transition of data to the cloud, emphasizing the need for secure transfer, minimal downtime, data integrity, resource optimization, and strong access controls through automated translation.
They wanted to shift from Teradata to Microsoft Azure to enhance Business Analytics, performance, reliability, and scalability. They were seeking an automated approach to expedite the migration process


Ascendion unleashes business velocity with faster and more efficient launches

Ascendion seamlessly delivered a comprehensive data modernization solution, encompassing every facet from inception to execution. The solution includes a meticulously crafted migration strategy for Schema, coupled with a meticulously designed ETL Process. Our team harnessed the DS Migrate Process Converter solution to orchestrate the seamless conversion of Teradata DDL, BTEQ scripts, and Korn shell scripts into their Synapse counterparts – Synapse DDL, Synapse Stored Procedures, and Azure Data Factory pipelines.

This engagement was pivotal in orchestrating the intricate conversion of ETL processes and navigating the landscape of migrating complex scripts


The results:

  • 50% Faster time to market with an extreme automation approach to enhance business velocity
  • Up to 60% cost-effective as the platform provides a significant reduction of manual effort through configurable, automated, and self-service capabilities
  • 60% reduction in TCO for delivery. Assured engineering and support teams and packaged services for customer success
  • Increase in tech engineers’ productivity as platform comes with in-built modern data platform best practices, guidelines to optimize performance

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