Ascendion builds single view of entire IT ecosystem for a managed service provider - Ascendion

Ascendion builds single view of entire IT ecosystem for a managed service provider

Ascendion March 12, 2024

Seeking a revolutionary transformation, the client embarked on a mission to blend IT support for an elevated experience while optimizing costs. However, their existing model fueled high expenses due to poor documentation, causing lengthy issue resolution and backlogs. Further limiting agility, outdated infrastructure lacked scalability and flexibility. Automation efforts were hindered by the need to constantly “sanity check” on the old systems. To overcome these challenges, the client embraced the ITIL framework for holistic improvement and implemented infrastructure automation to streamline repetitive tasks, paving the way for a revitalized IT landscape.


Transforming IT operations

Ascendion devised a comprehensive 5-year operating model and roadmap, strategically designed to achieve year-on-year savings and optimize various aspects of IT operations, emphasizing efficiency and overall performance.

The implementation of in-house accelerator, A.AVA AI Powered Operations (AIPO) introduced a self-service portal, end-to-end monitoring dashboard, and predictive automation, enabling incident analysis, service orchestration, and self-healing algorithms for streamlined operations.

To enhance documentation practices, a Knowledge Base was implemented using ServiceNow, ensuring a well-structured approach to storing and accessing information. A 24/7 support model was put into action, providing continuous assistance, reducing overall issue resolution time, and ensuring timely support for critical incidents


The results:

  • Improved efficiency and streamlined operations across multiple ITO domains
  • 60% backlog queue reduced from inception by service desk team
  • Consolidated and single view dashboard of the entire IT support ecosystem

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