Facilitating 24x7 cloud and application support for a global audit and management consulting firm - Ascendion

Facilitating 24×7 cloud and application support for a global audit and management consulting firm

Ascendion March 12, 2024

In the age of Gen AI, users expect queries or tickets to be resolved instantaneously. Documentation is crucial for every customer support team. From issue mapping to resolution and identifying patterns and more, records help with everything. When a business serves global clients, it is essential to have smooth cloud application support to access data. A leading audit and consulting firm wanted a 24 x 7 run team for cloud and application support tasks to respond to tickets, troubleshoot, retain ownership through resolution incidents, documentation and more. They needed a holistic solution that can significantly reduce turnaround time in issues that impacted the cloud app stack.


Building a 24×7 support

Ascendion built a primary responder for the commercial cloud stack along with extended app stack coverage to deliver round the clock support for critical app infrastructure. We delivered continuous enhancements in ServiceNow stack to enable process compliance and ease of traceability along with workflow automation to establish faster turnaround in catalog tasks.

This resulted in an improved dashboard for metrics and reporting and an optimized process to reduce wastage and enhanced quality process control. The client experienced automation of repetitive tasks using scripts and telemetry was extended for better observability and mechanisms and processes for event data correlation driving enhanced predictability.


The results:

  • Ascendion’s support team and associated A.AVA studios provided better SLA results and innovation improvements than the clients own run teams
  • Significantly reduced turnround time for incidents/issues impacting app stack for service offerings under the commercial cloud of advisory services.
  • The ticket size was reduced approximately by 20%
  • Increased velocity of the new application releases on the app stack platform for end clients
  • Auto Provisioning of new-user onboarding

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