See the world differently

Become a modern version of your business with software platforms and product engineering solutions

In a fast-moving world, digital platforms are a competitive necessity. Legacy systems often become bottlenecks, hindering businesses from creating value for their stakeholders.

At Ascendion, we make and manage software platforms and products that power growth, lower risk, improve how work gets done, and deliver delightful experiences to consumers and employees.

Optimize business spends while maximizing innovation

Identifying what fuels business growth versus what hampers it offers the pivot in digitization. Ascendion Pathfinder is a holistic analysis of processes, costs, technologies, and more to identify and eliminate the most common IT cost leaks in hardware, software, and program services. The result? Significant operational efficiencies and savings – with an initial target of 30% on average – that can be immediately applied to digital innovation solutions.

Heritage applications can be expensive anchors to innovation.

Our experts help phase out old technology and move to a nimble, scalable, and open architecture that enables new business capabilities and faster time to market.

We focus on: 

  • Core modernization assessment and roadmap
  • Infusing modern cloud and microservices platforms
  • Optimizing cost and shifting workloads to serverless economies
  • Moving to a product mindset and enablement with agile pods deployed

Cumbersome monolithic applications built for the last century can be a roadblock in agile product development and transformation. A microservices approach enables quicker scaling and faster delivery times.

We focus on: 

  • Microservices based on micro-repositories 
  • Using business domain-driven and test-drive design 
  • Creating, managing, enforcing, and scaling services 
  • Passthrough, simple transformation, advanced integration 
  • Discoverable, automated pipeline using cloud-native patterns 
  • Cloud-ready, cloud-enabled, and cloud-native microservices 

An ad hoc approach to automation limits the benefits across the enterprise. An enterprise-wide approach is required to create value processes and organizational change.

Our automation experts apply full-stack DevOps, including security, containerization, and more, to help organizations boost agility with process improvement for value.

We focus on:  

  • Increasing consistency, visibility, autonomy, agility, and scale 
  • Reducing time to market 
  • Minimizing defects and technical debt, mean time to resolution and manual effort 
  • Integrating post-operations based on cognitive computing and decision algorithms

Our flagship engineering platform, Ascendion AVA, is powered by advanced cognitive capabilities like AI and ML, backed by domain experts that help to achieve business objectives in record time.

The Ascendion AVA Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) component offers plug-and-play functionalities. These provide flexibility, scalability, and ease to commission services, tools, and skilled talent to drive outcomes across the software testing lifecycle.

We focus on:

  • Tech-forward and reimagined engineering for quality 
  • Transforming into digital quality engineering
  • Platform test studio
  • DevOps infused automation
  • Performance and reliability engineering

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