U.S. healthcare leader acquires 50,000 members per quarter with platform and data solutions - Ascendion

U.S. healthcare leader acquires 50,000 members per quarter with platform and data solutions

Ascendion November 28, 2023

Our client explained: “My long-term vision is to become an Amazon of healthcare, with a platform that doesn’t just improve the experience for our own team, our own agents, our own consumers, but overall pivots the industry.”

Our client, a U.S. healthcare leader, looked to engineer platform and data solutions capable of reigniting Medicare sales after COVID. With Ascendion’s expertise, their new portal and mobile app for brokers now drives 50,000 new member sign-ups each quarter. Meanwhile, 10x cost savings free up capital for other business improvement projects.

Growing Medicare sales in a broker-driven market

The healthcare provider wanted to grow their Medicare line of business in a market driven by brokers. Building a digital platform that made it easy for brokers to push business their way was a competitive necessity.

Engineering a solution that eliminates errors

Ascendion invested time discovering our client’s business objectives and ran a holistic analysis of processes, costs, and technology. Then we engineered a broker portal and mobile app to make it easy for brokers to enroll members on our client’s plans. We also built out real-time analytics, which give our client transparency into brokers’ performance, enabling better decision making.

Digital solutions that power growth and improve how work gets done

With Ascendion, our client created a competitive advantage in a broker-led market. The portal and app drive 50,000 new member sign-ups every quarter and build costs are 10x less than comparable internal developments. Some 60,000 brokers use the app, adding up to more enrollments, renewals, and revenue.

  • 50,000 more members each quarter
  • 10x cost reductions
  • 60,000 brokers using mobile app
  • Brought first product to market in just three months

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