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Modernizing legacy app to improve leading communication brand’s cybersecurity

Ascendion July 17, 2023

It’s seconds versus milliseconds in the telecommunication space. Want to quickly Google something? Users need results in 0.001 seconds. Calling a friend? Dial and get the dial tone in microseconds – unlike the late 90s wait. While telecom brands focus on speed, cybersecurity is a big onus on them. Secure and swift connectivity is crucial in the telecom industry.

A global telecom company’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), required a modern application-based security monitoring that offers consolidated threat detection, scanning assets for vulnerabilities, monitoring and other features.

Enterprise customer data had to be secured and the SOC team required a modern app that optimized their cybersecurity. Our client’s legacy systems were in dire need of modernization. They needed to clear their data backlog, improve operational efficiency, and enhance data accuracy and data security.

Consolidated database with a modern application

Ascendion engineers worked on building a centralized database, enabling the client to clear data backlog. We built a micro service architecture to support quicker development and production releases. Our solution also provided accurate data to the SOC, along with creating flexible scheduling of automated reports.

This resulted in a seamless user experience, and apps could talk to each other. The application was scalable, enabling the SOC team to focus on improving the business. Our solution offered data automation, with continuous monitoring.

Simplifying data management with a robust application

  • Unified, single user login database to eliminate multiple user logins and reduce data consistency issues
  • Single MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) for all applications to improve user experience
  • Report generation was reduced by 50%
  • Generate efficient and granular data with notifications

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