Managed care MNC achieves $1.5 million savings with digital-first testing

Managed care MNC embraces digital first testing, experiences $1.5 million in savings in a year

Ascendion April 17, 2023

Data is the backbone of patient management in the healthcare space. Medical history or accessing details of their kin, reaching out to new members and more – a robust database enables a business to be time efficient. Time saved is time gained in the healthcare space.

For a managed-care services provider with voluminous data, disparate data systems posed accessibility challenges. The business wanted to accelerate simplification and consolidation of their application landscape, to improve their ability to expand their member base, and improve time to market for new innovative healthcare products.

This created significant pressure on their quality function, requiring the need for faster testing cycles. The client chose Ascendion as a trusted partner to establish best practices and create a new quality operating model.

Modernized test-data generation with low cost-QA

With Ascendion AVA’s Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) studio, we designed a Quality Engineering (QE) methodology and developed a new QE operating model. With a digital-first approach, to completely shift the current testing model from Quality Assurance (QA) to Quality Engineering (QE), we refocused quality to be built into the engineering process instead of being tested out.

  • Automating the testing lifecycle to shorten time-to-market for products that enhanced member care
  • Implementing machine learning capabilities for next-gen data reconciliation from multiple data sources
  • Applying Ascendion’s AVA-ITA studio capabilities to modernize test data generation for faster release
  • To improve real-time data generation for testing, we integrated a data pattern analyzer solution
  • Test case development, test execution, test automation, test data management

Our solution lowered QA cost, reduced manual efforts, increased time in testing cycles, and provided real-time coverage of test data, plus:

  • 60% elimination of non-value-added QA tasks eliminated in QA
  • 20% increase in speed-to-market of products with ML-based data pattern analyzer
  • 20% increase in test productivity
  • $1.5 Million savings in 2021 through an automated reconciliation data solution
  • $15 Million anticipated savings in the quality function in the next 3 years

The program is helping the client meet business demands through faster time-to-market of testing cycles plus improving the company’s overall efficiency in delivering timely and effective care to members. Further, by reducing overall time and effort in testing and reconciling data, the client is better equipped for future acquisitions and expansions.

Tech Stack: Salesforce (COTS), Trucare(COTS), HMTL, Angular, .NET, Qtest, Jira, Greenplum, SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, AWS, TOSCA, Selenium (Java), Talend, Informatica, Autosys (Workflow and Jobs), WinSCP, Hive, Putty, RESTFUL API

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