Transforming healthcare experiences with next-gen tech & engineering

Healthcare company transforms member-experiences with next-gen platform

Ascendion April 17, 2023

Agile and immediate care is important in the healthcare space. For professionals to identify patient history, fetch insurance, or Medicaid details, a smart next-gen digital platform is of essence.

A leading US-healthcare service provider faced challenges with their legacy system – that incurred high costs and had inefficient processes. But most importantly, required a right partner with the right skills to build a next-gen digital platform and migrate their data seamlessly.

Simplifying access to information

Ascendion modernized the client’s platform with next-gen tech, easing member enrolment, billing, payments, and overall management. Our global delivery team worked on a pod-based model to deliver the required features, including GoLang engineers, scrum masters, test engineers, and business analysts.

We developed a customized training curriculum for full-stack GoLang engineers and leveraged the Ascendion Cognixia program to cross-skill and upskill the engineers.

Successful program management with GoLang

Ascendion’s efforts to digitize the client’s platform helped their customers in acquiring new health plans in different states and business segments.

  • 4 states in the US got access to the new member enrollment and management platform successfully
  • 1st successful NextGen GoLang-based technology platform rollout across the enterprise

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