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Ascendion April 17, 2023

Superior customer experience is every business’s goal. When end users inform something’s missing, businesses have to buckle up. Consumers were letting our healthcare client know that their experience was lacking. They needed an engineering partner to help them identify the right channels for automation, effort reduction and consolidation. Automation was not delivering value across the business and technology functions. Digital innovation was unsupported.

A data platform for the future

Ascendion’s Pathfinder reimagined the data platform and created a flexible, scalable, and economical data platform. We simplified data processing through smart data pipelines and enabled data sharing across the enterprise and future-proofed data architecture considering the customer’s future roadmap and data gravity. We also performed a value driven architectural component validation for product selection.

The results:

  • 20% overall efficiency improvement identified
  • 39% Total cost savings by year 3
  • 10% additional savings now in plan
  • 50+% of major issues to be eliminated with automation

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