Revolutionizing energy efficiency: Geospatial intelligence powers profitable energy utilization for tech giants

Geospatial intelligence enables efficient energy utilization for major tech firm

Ascendion April 17, 2023

How would one feel if lost power was restored hours later, due to delayed data? Industries could lose out on crucial production time; homes can lose access to electricity for everyday functioning. Likewise, what happens with unused electricity stored in generators? What if there was a way to monetize it?

Our client, a leading energy firm, needed to visualize millions of installed base data in real-time to track power usage and determine the capacity adequacy of installed generators.

They wanted to develop a robust, visual analytical tool to provide insights to their end-users. Most importantly, for their industrial customers, this would help better their operations – as they provide backup and prime power systems for home and commercial applications.

Existing setup could not provide a real-time view of power consumption data. Due to this, it was not feasible to generate valuable insights on historical data, current power outages, and demographic information by employing advanced geospatial analytics.

Harness the best from generators

Ascendion collaborated with the client to build an open-source geospatial tool, along with a data security feature that provided responsive web solutions made accessible on any device. Geospatial technology leverages Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), and Global Positioning System (GPS) to offer real-time insights.

The tool allowed dealers and consumers to sell power back to the utility companies, thereby monetizing idle generator capacity. The insights helped uncover the number of available generators with smart, grid-ready capabilities which could connect to power grids and act as distributed energy resources.

The data also allowed dealers to see the activation dates of home-based standby units in their area, making it easier to track service or upgrade opportunities for end-users.

The results:

  • Ability to easily discover areas for new market opportunities
  • Identification of the generators which can be part of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to augment the existing electrical grid
  • Optimization of energy usage with greater efficiency
  • Increase sales conversion and up-sell or cross-sell
  • Empowerment of channel partners for industry customers
  • Access to data-driven decision-making

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