Unlocking success with AI-powered data analysis | Ascendion case study

Fortune 50 bank realizes 60% effort savings

Ascendion June 28, 2023

Before we make any decision, we tend to think it through. Let’s say, you’re about to take on a final boss in your favorite video game, but you’ve already been beaten twice. You might have approached the challenge unprepared, with less health and weaker weapons. So, for the next go, you take your time, reflect on how everything went, the good and the bad, then put a plan in place so you succeed on the next try. You level up your health. You find better weapons. Then you try again and succeed. In a similar manner, this applies to how we use data to make well-informed decisions.

Our Fortune 50 financial services client needed to ensure they had accurate, reliable, and high-quality data that they could then successfully analyze and validate. They wanted to enhance decision-making, risk management, and operational efficiency. Ultimately, their goal was to establish a strong data foundation that drove business success and growth.

Ascendion took on the challenge and recommended an AI-powered solution. We used AI bots to uncover critical patterns, insights, and errors, better and faster.

It’s all about the data

Our solution stood out as it harnessed advanced analytics powered by AI algorithms, enabling our client to uncover deep insights and patterns in data for more informed decision-making. The solution automated data analysis and validation processes, streamlined operations, reduced manual efforts, and improved overall efficiency in data management.

The AI-driven solution helped identify and rectify errors, inconsistencies, and irrelevant data points. Maintaining data accuracy and integrity helped our client enhance compliance efforts, mitigate risks, and maintain data security and privacy.

Cashing in on success

Our AI-powered data analyzer and validator solution enabled our client to make more informed decisions by ensuring data accuracy and reliability, with the added benefit of confident and effective decision-making processes. Operational efficiency was improved, due to the reduction of manual efforts, optimized resource allocation, and increased productivity.

The solution also helped our client meet regulatory compliance requirements, reduce legal and regulatory risks, and ensure data security and privacy compliance.

Results included the following:

  • 60% effort savings in data analysis and fixes in real time
  • 3X faster time to market with high quality data

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