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Changing mobile networking for good with real-time analytics

Ascendion February 3, 2022

Powerful supply chains enable networking carriers and other enterprises to be more competitive. Advanced digital supply chain information systems generate better insights and planning with precision, as well as prevent glitches so enterprises can accelerate to the top of the leaderboard.

One of America’s supercharged wireless network operators, delivering an advanced 4G LTE and transformative nationwide 5G network, wanted to develop an integrated supply chain platform, capturing real-time events and enhancing visualization capabilities to stay competitive. They needed real-time analytics across 10 product areas in the supply chain domain. They needed to support more than 80,000 new SKUs and 500+ operational and information service requests annually.

The challenge for this telecom powerhouse was a lack of timely information for analysis and real-time visibility into the supply chain process. Due to a merger, they needed to integrate with multiple data sources and make their legacy data architecture more scalable. They needed expert engineers to design a superior supply chain information platform solution.

Engineering powers supply chain platform with speed and precision

Ascendion’s data and platform engineering capabilities created real-time analytics across the supply chain and real-time visibility with speed and precision. From taking over and owning the reporting services to developing the data foundation, Ascendion engineers produced an end-to-end supply chain platform solution and engagement strategy that allowed the client to discover, design, and deploy the engineering solution successfully.

Collaborated with the Digital Supply Chain Organization (DISCO) information services team to assist with the new Azure Data Pipeline environment and reporting

Built a big data platform on Azure Cloud with EventHub for real-time data, Azure Databricks for ETL, and PowerBI using data lake file system as a source for visualizations

Established data visualization standards, guidelines, data modeling using DIM/FACT table and governance procedures

Modernized platform delivers real-time results

Ascendion engineered an integrated supply chain platform to capture real-time analytics with visualization capabilities.

  • 1 hour turn around for ingesting real-time events and providing real-time analytics
  • 50% faster process reconciliation time

Tech Stack: Azure Pipeline, PowerBI Pro Dataset

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