Achieving 85% faster compliance with Ascendion’s future-proof system

Building a future-proof healthcare system with 85% reduced time to market

Ascendion April 17, 2023

Data confidentiality is crucial across all industries. In the healthcare sector, data is often accessed by multiple people across several departments for varied reasons. Ensuring smooth and secure access to the right individuals is important.

Our client, a leader in the healthcare space, needed to build a future-proof audit and tracking system to provide critical data access to their Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). Their legacy system was unable to deliver compliance checks through advanced reporting, along with issues in data ingestion. Along with seamless data access, they needed to report any unauthorized access and breaches to it.

Achieving 100% compliance check across activities

Ascendion integrated the data platforms, creating more transparency in data access and improving the CSR’s ability to stay compliant while handling critical customer data. The solution also has an integrated audit and tracking platform. Along with the client, we re-engineered the platform using Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau to future-proof business goals in the digital healthcare space.​​

The solution removed and, in some cases, lowered any data ingestion limitations with real-time access to reports.​​ Ascendion built user friendly dashboards for compliance checks and reusable assets in the form of packaged APIs were also created.​

The results:

  • 100% compliance check coverage across all CSR activities
  • 85% reduced time-to-market on compliance checks
  • 65% reduction in costs through reusable assets
  • Enhanced fraud prevention with automatic alerts triggered on unauthorized data access

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