Ascendion builds the future with 30% productivity gain, powered by generative AI - Ascendion

Ascendion builds the future with 30% productivity gain, powered by generative AI

Ascendion February 6, 2024

Generative AI is redefining work as we know it. As an ally to enterprises, Ascendion has implemented a top-notch engineering companion, powered by generative AI. Introducing Digital Ascender (DA) – one stop support for faster, better, and cleaner products, and platform launches with generative AI.

By integrating internal systems powered by generative AI, we have enabled the right resources to navigate, and implement a standardized approach to manage risks across software development lifecycle.

Generative AI is here to enhance our lives and with Ascendion, experience software engineering quicker and better at 30% productivity gain across the engineering lifecycle.


Automation that accelerates software development

Ascendion’s Digital Ascender businesses offers the best of generative AI with advisory led smart systems that will enhance the entire engineering lifecycle. From discovery & planning (EPICs or user stories) to implementation, QA and delivery, with Digital Ascender.

Ascendion engineers save time from manual coding that takes hours to just a few minutes. Guaranteed Code Quality through high amount of code coverage by generating unit tests.

Developers and reviewers can improve the efficiency of code at source and optimize it with easy access to automated debugging. Ascendion’s DA maximizes Engineering Quotient for all products and solutions by optimizing what we deliver with generative AI.


How is Digital Ascender impacting the engineering lifecycle?

DA has three focus areas: Planning & Discovery, Design & Development and Quality Engineering. With DA, understand and work on contextual prompts to create stories, automate coding, test case generation, bug fixes, code optimization and so much more.


With A.AVA’s Digital Ascender, get the best of Gen-AI with:

  • Advisory led smart systems
  • Scale the services quickly
  • Reduce your risk in technology investment
  • Maximize business value
  • 30% productivity gain across the engineering lifecycle
  • 60% effort savings in trained model productivity
  • Automate code development, find bugs, generate test cases, and optimize it with generative AI
  • Quicker time to market

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