Unlocking the future of document management: Ascendion’s AI-powered paper to digital transformation

30% workforce optimization for technology and services client

Ascendion June 28, 2023

When you’re at an in-person meeting, with everyone sitting around the table, it’s great to have physical versions of a document to pass around for them to view. Or if you know you’ll be traveling into a remote area, a printed map will save you, and whoever is in the car with you, a huge headache. But, in almost every other instance, it’s a well-known concept that having digital documents is not only more secure, but more accessible and easier to work with.

Our technology and services client recognized the need to automate and optimize the process of converting physical documents into digital formats. They wanted to enable intelligent document processing workflows, enable advanced analytics and insights, support regulatory compliance, as well as enhance efficiency, accuracy, data security, and user experience.

Ascendion put a plan in place and got to work with our AI solution.

Work smarter, safer, and easier, not harder

Ascendion’s AI-powered paper digitalization solution helped our client transform from physical paper documents to digital formats, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Utilizing digitized documents was more easily accessible, searchable, and shareable.

The key features that set our solution apart included the ability to access documents easily and quickly, from anywhere. By utilizing paper digitalization, we could also ensure data security through encryption, access controls, and secure storage, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and mitigating risks associated with physical documents.

Living in a digital world

The Ascendion team was able to reduce costs for our client, related to physical storage, printing, and distribution, and promote environmental sustainability by reducing paper consumption and waste generation. With this transformation, employees could also work from anywhere and experience enhanced teamwork and decision-making.

Additionally, digital documents enabled the extraction of valuable insights and patterns, and our client was able to use advanced analytics to make better decisions.

We saw incredible results, including:

  • 50% increase in efficiency and cost savings
  • 70% of accuracy in document processing, minimizing errors, and supporting compliance efforts
  • 50% of processing time of documents
  • 25% improvement in decision-making
  • 30% of workforce optimization

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