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Optimize business spends while maximizing innovation

Identifying what fuels business growth versus what hampers it offers the pivot in digitization. Ascendion Pathfinder is a holistic analysis of processes, costs, technologies, and more to identify and eliminate the most common IT cost leaks in hardware, software, and program services. The result? Significant operational efficiencies and savings – with an initial target of 30% on average – that can be immediately applied to digital innovation.

The Ascendion Advantage

Ascendion’s Pathfinder method is based on our years of applied experience accelerating digital innovation, as well as industry benchmarks.

Our advisors generate tactical value hypotheses based on real-world, near-term savings with frameworks for debt management, automation, cloud migration, application modernization, integrated service transformation.

The backbone of our core process includes:

  • Planning and base case development
  • Initial assessment and analysis
  • Value hypothesis refinement
  • Implementation roadmap

SIMPLIFY, MODERNIZE IT! ACCELERATE DIGITAL OUTCOMES Re-imagined Business Consolidation Standardisation OperationalEfficiency Secure Operations Legacy Debt Reduction Engagement Model Automation CloudEnablement IntegratedOperations PredictableOutcomes QuantumImprovement inUser Experience $ FundamentalUplift in CostEfficiency IT Contribution to Top line

With Ascendion’s expertise and transformation experience, we aim to simplify and modernize the business-as-usual IT estate to unlock near-term investment to accelerate digital innovation.

Pathfinder in action