Ascendion transforms banking leader’s path with cost-effective cloud strategy

Investment leader adds value to their transformation path

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Ascendion April 17, 2023

Businesses are constantly seeking avenues to innovate and modernize their business at minimal costs. Our client, a leader in the banking space, was seeking a partner to help identify transformation value and modernize their application infrastructure to save costs and automate the business​.
They had monolithic legacy applications, incurred big infrastructure costs, and spent heavily on onsite resources​. Huge licensing and infrastructure costs with 95% of applications running on-premises​. Their challenges included lack of automation across business and IT, with moderate focus on productivity movement​.

Unlocking opportunities across the business

Ascendion Pathfinder’s Due Diligence Assessment framework helped bring out the unknown and non-linear opportunities​. We generated a Value Hypothesis across fit-shoring, process and technology debt reduction, cloud transformation, and hardware consolidation and elimination​.

We developed a unified application architecture, debt heatmaps across technologies and applications, cloud transformation and vendor consolidation opportunities roadmap.

​The results:

  • $38 million Total Cost Savings by year 3
  • 30%+ issues can be automated/eliminated through debt reduction
  • 100% SQL license Optimization through cloud transformation
  • 35% fit-shore opportunity across the 5 towers by year 1

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