The Generative Enterprise is Here: Ascendion Leads the Pack - Ascendion

The Generative Enterprise is Here: Ascendion Leads the Pack

Ascendion October 27, 2023

Companies actively becoming Generative Enterprises are inspire a new S-curve of value creation for the IT and business services industry.

In their latest study – HFS Horizons: Generative Enterprise™ Services, 2023 – HFS Research evaluates the brave new world of generative AI by assessing 35 leading service providers. Ascendion has been positioned as a market leader in this research.

Ascendion is charging forward, and stands out for:

Value Delivery

With the agility of a startup and the credibility of an industry veteran, Ascendion transforms clients through cutting-edge generative AI. Customers cherish the flexibility.

Leading-Edge Expertise

Ascendion will have its entire engineering community certified in advanced generative AI by next year. And its robust proprietary models drive internal excellence and external opportunities.

Innovative Approaches

Ascendion is enhancing software engineering productivity by up to 30-50% via generative AI while mitigating risk. Meanwhile, digital talent orchestration leaps forward by leveraging AI for rapid team deployment.

Client Impact

  • Automating soil testing
  • Empowering generative AI models for a high-tech client
  • Delivering ultra-targeted recommendations for a payments integrator


The future is here. And Ascendion is leading the way.