Ascendion named enterprise innovator in digital engineering study by HFS research - Ascendion

Ascendion named enterprise innovator in digital engineering study by HFS research

Ascendion October 19, 2023
For this report, HFS examined 25 service providers’ roles in digital engineering, assessing, and rating the strengths and skills they bring to the changing needs of enterprises. HFS named Ascendion as an Enterprise Innovator for being able to demonstrate global capabilities, digital transformation expertise, leading-edge enabling tools, implementation excellence, robust go-to-market capabilities, and client delight.

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“Feedback from clients, our growth trajectory, and validation from one of the top analyst firms are confirmation that Ascendion’s value proposition, culture, and capabilities are delivering a strong impact,” said Paul Roehrig, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Ascendion. “HFS has consistently been at the forefront of ideas and evolution in our industry, so we are thrilled to be recognized as an enterprise innovator in their latest digital engineering research.”

HFS Associate Practice Leader and report principal researcher Nandini Tare sees digital engineering to be an enabler to companies seeking relevance in an economy increasingly shaped by software-driven outcomes. “Enterprises are creating new revenue channels, making operations more efficient, and transforming their business models to stay relevant. This difference in focus shows that digital engineering is no longer a technology play but a strategic business transformation partnership,” said Tare.

“Our enterprise clients, as well as new HFS market data, confirm that data & analytics, applied AI, and other new technologies can provide the business impact now necessary to thrive,” said Prakash Balasubramanian, Executive Vice President of Engineering at Ascendion. “Our ability to deliver high-quality software, engaging consumer experiences, and better return on digital investment helps clients become stronger competitors in their markets.”

Discover the essence of the report in this quick video by Nandini Tare and Prakash Balasubramanian.