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Mega data giant modernizes platform for faster business decisions

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Ascendion September 29, 2022

In today’s digital landscape, organizations need to modernize their data platforms for efficient analytics to better anticipate and respond to the marketplace.

This global software provider, with the leading AI-powered data management solution, needed to upgrade its on-premise data management platform. The legacy platform took more than five days to generate new reports for their business teams, which could prove catastrophic in today’s fast-paced business world. Not only were they lagging in speed, but also operational costs were rising.​

Engineering for lift in the cloud

The client required a stable reporting platform engineered to deliver real-time reports. Further, they needed a new solution platform re-engineered to enable self-service data capabilities while lowering operational costs.

Ascendion co-engineered a new data platform combining the client’s data platform and Microsoft Azure data stack, which improved the throughput and made the platform open, flexible, scalable and easier to maintain.​

The reporting platform was now accessible to internal business teams via the Cloud. The client’s data and reporting cycles were standardized with improved efficiency in analytics and without unwanted legacy reports.

Sky’s the limit with faster, cheaper data processing

The client was on cloud nine with Ascendion’s co-engineered cloud data platform solution, which enabled them to improve data processing and reporting efficiencies while being more cost effective. It resulted in faster reporting in real time and lower operational costs for business success and growth, specifically:

  • 60% improvement in real-time reporting
  • 40% reduction in operational costs

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