Elevate your banking experience with AI-powered chatbot: Ascendion success story

Fortune 50 bank sees increased productivity by 50%

Ascendion June 28, 2023

One of the great features of the modern world is the ability to complete tasks that used to require us getting in our car, driving twenty to thirty minutes each way, completing in-person forms, and more, to now, just logging into our online account. With the million and one things on our to-do list, it’s nice to be able to check our tasks off easily, especially when it comes to banking.

Our Fortune 50 bank client had an objective to automate both data extraction and validation of customer forms, to streamline and accelerate the process of collecting and verifying customer information. They wanted to provide their customers with a simple experience, complete with real-time interaction.

With Ascendion’s ability to create and implement an array of AI-powered solutions, we were able to partner with our client to deliver exactly what they needed: a chatbot.

Bank on a better experience

The Ascendion team produced an AI-powered chatbot for automated data extraction and validation of customer forms, that could also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and workflows. This allowed for easy adoption and customization according to our client’s specific business needs.

Features of the chatbot included interacting with customers in real-time, extracting relevant data from submitted forms with high accuracy and efficiency, validating the accuracy and completeness of the information, and providing immediate feedback or requesting additional details. This proactive approach helped customers correct mistakes immediately, reducing delays and ultimately, enhancing data accuracy.

Credit where credit is due

By implementing a chatbot with an array of features, the accuracy and consistency in data extraction and validation processes was increased, reducing errors and rework. The elimination of manual data entry reduced the time and resources required for processing forms. It also streamlined the form submission process, providing instant feedback and guidance to customers, which resulted in a seamless experience and higher customer satisfaction.

A bonus benefit was that human resources was given back some time to focus on more value-added tasks, fostering innovation and efficiency.

  • 40% effort savings
  • Increase productivity by 50%

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