Evolution of job roles with Generative AI solutions

The Impact of Gen AI on Job Roles and Skilling

Ascendion April 30, 2024


Khushal Bakshi
Director- Talent Acquisition
Global Talent Engine

The engineering job landscape is experiencing a significant transformation with the rise of Generative AI across industries. Generative AI facilitates the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, empowering organizations to optimize workflows, reduce operational expenditures, and elevate overall efficiency. Keeping up with the changing technological environment and individuals’ capabilities to adapt to newer means of job methodologies, the constant demand for Digital Engineering talent including roles like Full Stack Engineers, Quality Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Data Engineers & Architects is slowly noticing a shift to Generative AI roles.

Individuals who are capable of integrating Gen AI innovations into their skill set are more likely to find themselves at the forefront of this dynamic job market. The shift in focus further emphasizes the broader trend of the industry, where innovation and efficiency are considered to be the harbingers of technological change. Hence, traditional engineering expertise and novel Gen AI skills go hand-in-hand to promote the same.


Job roles in trend due to the advent of Gen AI

Specialized roles driven by AI and Machine Learning, such as AI and ML Specialists, AI Ethic Experts, Data Scientists, AI Product Managers, Generative AI Engineers, AI Content Creators, and Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Developers, are witnessing a surge in demand. In the gaming sector, AI-Driven Game Designers are in high demand. There’s also a growing need for professionals in Prompt Engineering, AI/ML Ops, responsible AI development, LLM tuning, NLP Engineering, and Data Science, reflecting the evolving job landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.


Industrial Impact of Gen AI

Generative AI isn’t just a wave, it’s a sea of change! From IT marvels to medical miracles, from marketing to manufacturing, no industry is untouched. The impact of Generative AI extends across all major industries like- IT Engineering Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Financial Services, Marketing, Gaming, Supply Chain, Communication, Product Engineering, Legal, Human Resources, and Talent Acquisition.


Dynamic tech skills for a dynamic job market

Looking ahead to 2024-25, professionals aiming to thrive in the dynamic job market should acquire specific tech skills. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning proficiency, skills in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) development, expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Data Science and Analytics capabilities like Hadoop, Spark, and expertise in data visualization tools such as., Tableau, Power BI. Additionally, cybersecurity knowledge, Quality Engineering skills, Cloud Computing proficiency like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Full Stack Development capabilities like JavaScript, Python, Java. Web development frameworks like React, Angular, Django. Expertise in DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment -CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Travis CI will be in high demand.

Staying ahead means a commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. Professionals equipped with these tech skills will be well-positioned to navigate the dynamic job market of 2024-25 and contribute meaningfully to the transformative impact of artificial intelligence services, including Generative AI.

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