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Surfing the generative AI wave

Ascendion February 8, 2024


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Karthik Krishnamurthy

A monumental shift is underway powered by applied generative AI. These disruptive technologies, once considered tools of tomorrow, are driving tremendous value for global trailblazers today. Ascendion is helping organizations capitalize on generative AI’s potential both for quick wins and lasting competitive edges.

Many business and technology leaders struggle to navigate these uncharted waters. But the organizations charting the course ahead have one thing in common: a spirit of fearless exploration passed down from pioneers of ages past. Echoing Magellan circumnavigating the globe or Shackleton conquering Antarctic expanses, these generative AI voyagers tap into new frontiers side-by-side with intrepid partners.

The numbers speak for themselves in no uncertain terms. By deploying Ascendion’s tailored solutions unlocking the myriad possibilities of generative AI, major enterprises have achieved momentous measurable improvements:

  • A large financial services firm netted over 30% cost savings and 25% operational efficiency gains. This translated into nearly $2 million in bottom-line impact annually—no small change.
  • Multiple best-in-class healthcare titans boosted customer satisfaction over 20% through personalized, proactive recommendations and predictive analytics. This also opened lucrative new revenue streams.
  • An industry-topping health solutions leader realized over 35% faster delivery times and 20% expense reductions through optimized distribution center operations. The outcome? Best-in-class customer loyalty metrics setting the pace for competitors worldwide.

But these remarkable success stories comprise only the first ripples of the generative AI wave now breaking. Other customer results include 60%+ higher accuracy in extracting insights from previously unusable data, 40% productivity leaps in game UI testing, and considerable gains in customer satisfaction as reflected by rising Net Promoter Scores.

Yet doubts still churn in some quarters. Naysayers question whether these technologies warrant investment while their ultimate destination remains obscured. But the question is not if, but how to harness generative AI’s bountiful power for breakaway growth.

Ascendion recommends enterprises focused on outpacing rivals should:

  • Conduct an opportunity assessment revealing “quick win” use cases poised for impact;
  • Launch controlled generative AI pilots tied to crucial business KPIs like cost, efficiency and satisfaction;
  • Develop an enterprise strategy centered on incrementally enhancing operations through continuous client feedback;

The trailblazers, with support from Ascendion, are already catching the momentum of change. These examples here merely hint at generative AI’s massive real-world potential in this dawn of a new era. By partnering with specialists like Ascendion, companies can surf the Gen AI wave.

The future beckons beyond the horizon, vast, and untamed. But the tools – and partner – to tame it are here. There has never been a better time to set your organization’s course, hoist the sails, and ride the swelling generative AI wave to towering achievements ahead.

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