Quality Engineering Services for Multiple Scenarios

How Ascendion makes launch day the most boring day of the year

Ascendion November 7, 2023



There are multiple scenarios where quality engineering services play a crucial role.

It’s the release day of the video game you’ve been excited to play. But you start it up and it crashes, then once you get it going again, a ton of bugs ensue (freezing, accessories disappear, glitching).

Your bank just launched a new app so you decide to check it out. But your old login doesn’t work, and you can’t access your account. Once you finally get in, the server is too busy for you to do anything.

These aren’t exactly ideal situations.

But these are just two examples of how poor-quality engineering can affect your customer’s experience. Not only that, but it can affect cost, time, and productivity. Just effective productivity alone is critical for a business. Gartner writes that “Companies with a strong culture of quality benefit from: “$67 million in productivity saved for every 5,000 employees”.

At Ascendion, we aim to provide our clients with a stress-free, incredibly boring launch day by producing dependable software. We don’t wait until the last minute of the game to try and score a point, we get it done by halftime.


Look at the big picture

Ascendion’s Quality Engineering service aims to solve small problems before they get bigger. Much like a game of Whac-a-MoleTM, there are multiple annoyances that pop up during testing operations—pesky bugs, incomplete test coverage, unpredictability. You name it, an engineer has probably experienced it. So Ascendion looks at the big picture and performs a complete overhaul. We incorporate four types of testing into our quality engineering process: security, application, accessibility, and product.

One of the ways we’re able to inject a high degree of automation into the testing life cycle is through Ascendion Automation 360. The application helps the process become more uniform and easier to manage. Using Ascendion Automation 360 for testing is like highlighting a column of hundreds of numbers in a spreadsheet instead of selecting each individual cell one by one. By utilizing agile testing, we can craft a multilayered test automation strategy and cover a multitude of application technologies.

Ascendion AVA (A.AVA) is our intelligent digital engineering platform. With A.AVA’s Intelligent Test Automation, we can speed up testing across areas such as API, web, mobile, and desktop applications. For our client, a managed health care provider, we were able to implement 20% faster product speed-to-market.

We also implement end-to-end business assurance, especially for businesses that have multifaceted IT landscapes. This type of testing keeps system behaviors in check, making sure expectations are met and implemented.


Prepare for the epic journey

Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Han Solo and Chewbacca. What do all these fictional characters have in common? Much like these dynamic duos, we team up with our clients, and work as co-engineers to fix all the small problems, before they turn into a catastrophe. We trim the loose thread before we tear a hole in the sweater, so to speak. For a credit union client, we were helped provide 50% faster testing time during deployment, with nearly zero rework. Our client was able to launch four new credit card products seamlessly.

Ascendion’s experienced quality engineers take ownership of the complete scope of tests, covering on-premises and in the cloud. This puts the work into one consolidated area, cutting down on wasted time and other issues that occur during transfers.

A.AVA is a major player in our Quality Engineering approach. Through the power of AI/ML and automation, we’re able to speed up the software engineering processes, while enhancing both quality and transparency. With A.AVA-OneView, our clients gain a greater lever of visibility into the innerworkings of the system engineering activities including user stories, sprint velocity, mean time to change, and much more.


Make the quality choice

As a software engineer said to a great quality engineering process (probably): “You complete me.” Successful software launches just can’t happen without a tried-and-true process in place. While it’s a tad more complex within engineering, much of what we do in everyday life involves practice and analysis. A recipe turns out horribly wrong? You realize that you used three tablespoons of salt rather than three teaspoons. The next time you go to make it, you pay closer attention to the recipe, checking off each item as you go. We want our clients to experience the tastiest meal they’ve ever had, without creating a mess in the kitchen. Or, in engineering terms, the easiest, smoothest software launch they’ve ever experienced.

Watch more on Ascendion’s approach to Quality Engineering.

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