Ascendion's GenAI Integration to Transform its Own Operations

How Ascendion is applying GenAI to our own operations

Ascendion February 8, 2024



It’s probably safe to say you wouldn’t trust a chef who refused to eat their own food. Similarly, if a business doesn’t use its own products, why should you? At Ascendion, we know that we can trust our own software, so we use it for our own operations.

Most companies are trying to adapt to the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) wave, but Ascendion was born with it. Our platforms are already built on GenAI for fast digital engineering and software platform management. To put it into practice, here’s how we are using GenAI on our own operations.


Why GenAI is more than a tool or a platform—it’s a philosophy

Don’t think of GenAI as another tool you have to implement. Rather, think of it as a thread to weave through your business that integrates with your existing tools. GenAI is just as much a platform as it is a mindset. Rather than being a one-and-done implementation task, GenAI can help plan and shape your platforms before you write a single line of code. That’s the philosophy we embrace at Ascendion.

It’s time for your organization to work smarter, not harder. About 53% of companies are already using AI to improve production processes, while 51% are using AI for process automation. Businesses need to use the latest technology to make the newest technology. This is where Ascendion AVA (A.AVA) comes in.

Many of Ascendion’s AI tools are based on Ascendion AVA, our AI-powered software engineering platform. A.AVA leverages AI, ML, and automation for truly intelligent engineering. A.AVA helps create better software—from methods and tools, to design, to development, to testing, all the way to delivery—for improved engineering outcomes. The result is seamless software with quality code that goes to market faster. A.AVA delivers 50% to 60% higher program efficiency—and dramatically improves transparency along the journey.


Increasing productivity with Digital Ascender

We use GenAI to make better software. Digital Ascender (DA), Ascendion’s GenAI-powered engineering companion for software development lifecycles, has three focus areas: planning and discovery, design and development, and quality engineering. By integrating internal systems powered by GenAI, we have enabled the right resources to navigate, and implement a standardized approach to manage risks across software development lifecycle.

Using DA, we start with discovery and planning (EPICs or user stories). Then, we automate most of the manual code. After that, we set up automated debugging, test case generation, code optimization, and QA. The result? A 30% increase in productivity across the engineering lifecycle.

Not only is this process much faster, it also results in higher-quality code. Because DA uses GenAI to generate unit tests, we guarantee code quality with a high amount of code coverage. We saved 60% of our efforts in trained model productivity too. With a tool like this, our engineers can create software that is more efficient and reliable, with quicker time-to-market.


Using GenAI to increase productivity by 30% in talent acquisition

GenAI isn’t quite intelligent enough to perform all necessary tasks independently. Even GenAI companies need top-tier talent to design the strategy behind the products. We use our own solution to hire high quality talent. The Ascendion Guided AI Network (GAIN) is an AI-powered framework that helps talent specialists source candidates, match relevant skills, hire, and onboard talent.

Our GenAI solution reduces manual hiring efforts by about two to two-and-a-half hours each working day. Before we even start hiring, Ascendion GAIN helps us rewrite job descriptions to attract the right demographics. It also automates email drafting for us and generates multiple Boolean key strings for better keyword matches. Then, as people start to apply for the positions, our GenAI solution helps us identify candidates based on their experience, skills, and location.

Overall, with all the time saved by using GenAI to automate parts of the hiring process, Ascendion experiences a 25–30% increase in productivity. We sort through thousands of candidate profiles quickly, saving 30–45 minutes every day with GenAI-based profile screening. With Ascendion GAIN, we save about 50,000+ hours annually for every 100 talent specialists.


Developing better software…with better software

GenAI is the secret to creating quality code that’s easier on developers and more appealing to customers. When you use better software, you develop better software.

Our GenAI tools, built on A.AVA, create smart test automation, an intelligent accessibility framework, and increase our productivity. That’s what happens when your whole company is built to embrace AI/ML and it’s already woven into the fabric of your platforms. To learn more about the possibilities that AI can create for software engineering, dive into A.AVA.

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