Generative AI development to redefine human-machine collaboration

GenAI for Good: The Ascendion Approach to Empowering People and Machines

Ascendion May 8, 2024


Alice Yoo Leclair
Head of Talent, Culture and Performance

At Ascendion, we’re redefining human-machine collaboration. We believe that Generative AI (GenAI) has the potential to revolutionize how we work and live, provided it’s developed and utilized with the human element firmly in mind.

Empowered by a belief that artificial intelligence (AI) should be designed to amplify, not replace, human creativity, we unlock differentiation through our values, our impact and our GenAI companions:

Our core values: Ascenders are builders seeking joy and passion within their chosen craft. We are a generative enterprise continuously evolving our culture under the guidance of our four core values. To empower is to unlock invaluable assets in both the human capital and IP realms. Fostering a bias-free culture expedites the development of cutting-edge AI solutions built with human values at their core.

Growth with impact: The ‘why’ behind our work is growth with impact, and we define success beyond numbers. The unparalleled expertise and velocity of our Ascenders fuel our innovative approach, prioritizing speed and agility while maintaining high quality standards in generative AI development. Committed to advancing privacy, security, bias mitigation, and transparency, they push boundaries in collaboration with machines, always considering the lives, communities, and businesses they can transform. Beyond this, our engineers lead full human lives that extend into community service, the arts and sports, to name a few.


Accelerating Pace and Scale: Humans & GenAI, a Synergistic Partnership

As a proven market leader in Generative Enterprise Services we’re proud to serve our clients [currently all still human] with the deployment and optimization of language models for their solutions. While we’ve long been AI innovators, we’ve recently disrupted our own operations with GenAI solutions. Our talent experts leverage powerful prompt tokens to enhance efficiency and quality in recruitment. Across the company, Ascenders collaborate with a digital assistant named AIDA, powered by Ascendion GAIN (Guided Artificial Intelligence Network) to access AI-generated content seamlessly.


With GenAI as our daily companion, Ascenders can experience the future now as we quicken our pace and scale towards a day where:

  • Performance assessments are fair, leveraging human judgment and oversight while analyzing millions of data points to create a more holistic picture
  • Content and communication ideas spark at the speed of thought, fueled by GenAI’s ability to personalize learning pathways
  • Empower one billion humans with GenAI technology and talent for a more productive, fulfilling, and connected life


What Makes Us Different?

Our winning formula:
Our Core Values: We believe in bold ideas, optimism, and fostering a supportive environment where everyone’s voice is heard.

  • Growth with impact: We attract some of the brightest minds in AI who are passionate about using their skills for good. Our engineers have experience working on cutting-edge AI projects for some of the world’s biggest companies.
  • Accelerating Pace and Scale: Our size allows us to move quickly, adapt to changes, and rapidly develop new GenAI solutions.

We are leading the charge in human-centric GenAI. We fundamentally believe this powerful tool augments human capabilities without replacing them. Imagine a future where technology empowers humanity. Help us build it. Join us!


About the author

Alice is the Head of Talent, Culture and Performance at Ascendion with experience in helping corporate officers achieve commercial success through targeted value creation and culture impact strategies.

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