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AI delivers business value

With AI, the real opportunity for business and technology is to apply the tools to improve knowledge work and productivity.

Deploying AI technology in every essential value chain — banking, healthcare, high-tech, retail, transportation, entertainment, insurance — is the future of work and technology. New use cases and pilots are popping up daily fueled by ChatGPT and its relatives. Excitement about the potential is growing, and it's time to get started!

Decide smarter

Tap your treasure trove of buried data and make better informed decisions with confidence and speed.

Deliver delight

Elevate the experiences of your customers and employees. Leapfrog your competitors.

Enhance work

Shift talent from mundane tasks to strategic innovation. Accomplish more, and save money.

Move faster

Accelerate innovation while controlling risk. Do the things you haven’t been able to do before.

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Software is eating software engineering.
We’re here for it.

Ascendion AVA (A.AVA) is an AI-powered software engineering platform that fosters radical transparency and collaboration among integrated teams including clients, Ascender employees, and ecosystem partners. This approach builds trust, resolves issues early, and elevates engineering quality.


We’ve been engineering and deploying advanced AI systems for a few years already. Now, more than 500 of our Digital Ascenders are working alongside generative AI, realizing productivity gains up to 60%. Soon, all of our 6000+ Ascenders will be certified with advanced generative AI skills.

Our colleagues at Cognixia, an Ascendion company, can help you ensure your talent is AI enhanced, too.


Our AI-powered software engineering platform, Ascendion AVA, fosters radical transparency and collaboration – helping our software teams lower development costs, produce better software, and drive business results.

Our talent acquisition platform, also powered by AI, helps talent specialists find the perfect match in our pool of 6 million+ candidates.


Ascendion is not the largest of the software engineering services companies – and that’s a feature, not a bug. With about 6000 employees, we’re big enough to deliver enterprise-scale solutions and small enough to really focus on delivering exponential impact.

And we’re agile. Which is essential in this time of transformative technological progress. We’re uniquely able to flex our business model to ensure our clients reap the rewards of generative AI.

Client Success Stories

Let’s create your AI-first future

Is Generative AI really all that it’s made out to be? Is it meant for your business and worth your time or investment? Is its impact real?


Yes, with effective, tailored, and expert implementation, Generative AI does deliver exponential impact. Once implemented, you can experience impact across multiple value levers, including cost reduction, enhanced productivity, higher revenue, improved market valuation, accelerated innovation, and more. And, with Generative AI embedded in all our practices, we are uniquely placed to help you realize your AI vision. Sounds exciting?

We lead the way to a Generative future

Ascendion is recognized as a market leader in Generative Enterprises Services by HFS Research. The HFS Horizons: Generative Enterprise™ Services, 2023, report highlights our capability in powering AI solutions and recoding how work gets done.

The Ascendion

Ascendion helps make better software to deliver business outcomes

Ascendion is already engineering and deploying advanced AI systems. And we’ve been doing it for a few years already. The A.AVA engineering platform uses advanced AI to shape how we practice software engineering and the impact we deliver to clients. The AI-powered platform helps software teams improve performance, produce better software, and drive business results.



Engineering Excellence as a service providing transparency and flexibility with A.AVA



Benchmarking for continuous improvement in A.AVA OneView software delivery dashboard



Savings accelerating ML operations using A.AVA









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Will you reap the rewards of the generative AI future?


We are building the future. Join us!

If you want to solve the most interesting business problems, with the best teams, for a future you can believe in

“Ascendion provides digital engineering services that power growth and deliver captivating experiences to consumers and employees. Our applied AI, engineering, cloud, data, experience design, and talent transformation capabilities accelerate innovation for Global 2000 clients. Headquartered in New Jersey, our workforce delivers solutions from around the globe. “