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Case study

How Gen AI leads to smart systems: Tech leader enjoys 30% savings in operational costs


Laptops that weigh less. Screens with full high definition. Monitors made from recyclable material. These are some innovations that teams can accomplish when generative AI tackles mundane tasks.


Generative AI is the new system upgrade that users are grappling to familiarize themselves with. When both the users and the solution are in their nascent stages, there are challenges in monitoring and maintaining the algorithms.

Our client, a global tech leader, was looking to artificial intelligence to better use their data, maximize efficiency and gain a better understanding of their consumers. Processing data to be lean and mean can improve efficiency, speed innovation, and discover new insights.


Work made convenient


Ascendion’s team of engineers worked with the client to train the data models to make the algorithms learn from patterns, improve and yield better results. With generative AI, the datasets are constantly delivering the most for the business.


We also delivered a multi-lingual data model that streamlined operational processes, offered customization, and ensured strong safety measures for the client’s team. The generative AI-driven pipeline and operations enhanced data processing, making it scalable and hassle-free for multiple users, leading to improved innovation.


– 40% reduction in content creation time

– 30% decrease in operational costs leading to enhanced efficiency and tangible cost savings

“Ascendion provides digital engineering services that power growth and deliver captivating experiences to consumers and employees. Our applied AI, engineering, cloud, data, experience design, and talent transformation capabilities accelerate innovation for Global 2000 clients. Headquartered in New Jersey, our workforce delivers solutions from around the globe. “