Our next move – Mahesh’s Neo4j groove!

Meet Mahesh Tati, our ingenious Neo4j Graph Data Engineer. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Andhra Pradesh, India, Mahesh brings a fusion of creativity and tech prowess to the table. Beyond codes and databases, he finds solace in rhythmic strokes of swimming and culinary arts. Biryani has captured the top spot in his heart’s menu.
Stepping into Ascendion’s realm in October 2021, Mahesh’s tech arsenal boasts Neo4j, Python, and Kafka. In an electrifying tête-à-tête, Mahesh unveils his role’s enigmatic facets, where challenges crumble and uniqueness thrives.

Broadening Horizons with Neo4j

Picture a classroom, a spark of understanding, a dream taking form. That’s how it began for me – an unwavering resolve to be a tech trailblazer. With a decade of experience, the thrill for me lies in ceaseless learning. Neo4j was a game- changer in my past job where I learnt it from ground up. Unlike MySQL or Postgre SQL, Neo4j is a non-relational graph database that can handle growing volumes of connected data. It’s best suited for high performance and scalable applications that use large volumes of connected data.
As a Senior Data Engineer at Ascendion with expertise in Neo4j graph database, I’m currently working on an Intelligent Test Automation Framework. This framework helps to automate the testing across the engineering process. The test results are stored in the Neo4j graph database. This allows me to see for which test case how many defects have been raised, what are the different kind of defect. Also, it allows me to check how many test cases were successfully run and how many of them were having defects.

By storing the test data in Neo4j, I analyse the data around the test case for different requirements. Furthermore, it helps me in understanding the number of test steps, number of defects related to different applications and app domains. If a similar test is carried out in the future, this stored test data can be used to compare test results and learn how the test data is behaving as compared to old test data.

Mahesh Tati-min


Decoding User Profiling and Analytics

The Ascendion AVA Platform unfolds, where I lead crafting data models, payloads, and graph structures to decode user analytics and profiling.
Imagine a user on a platform – logging in, surfing through and logging out. Once the user logs in, our job is to observe the kind of actions they performed. Based on these actions, we then unveil insights into customer behaviour on these platforms. Such in-depth knowledge about user behaviour and profiling elevates our clients’ journey. The depths of our work in analytics birth new products and enhances the existing ones.
Neo 4J helps in fraud detection too. Let’s say, a customer makes 10 – 15 different kinds of online transactions. These transactions will be linked to a particular customer and a bank used to make these transactions.
If the customer of the bank happens to do something that leads to an unusual spike in their spending pattern, with Neo4J, we analyse all these inter connections. We check for various factors that attributes to the customer’s is behaviour and check the number of spikes that appear for them usually. We compare the data with different customers to fine if they are
interlinked. Based on intricate observations and analysis, we detect and alert our client of fraudulent activities.

Why Ascendion and I are a match?

I find bright chances to grow at Ascendion. In the next five years, I can see myself becoming a key decision maker as I embrace new tech. With the work I am doing here, feels like I am on the right path to achieve my goal. The atmosphere at Ascendion lets me be me. I create solutions for clients that impact many people worldwide. The company is flexible, and there’s no strict order about who one could reach out to. We can all chat about ideas and problems to everyone.
I’ve been eager to get better at Graph Data Science and Cloud stuff like Azure. After talking to my mentor, I got certified in AZ 900 (Microsoft Azure Fundamentals). It was that easy.
When I’m stuck, I talk to my manager and my mentors. We dive deep into the issues, and I get clear ideas that puts me back into a smooth flow of work.
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