Ascendion – A Software Engineering Ally to Enterprise Leaders – Aims to Double India Headcount in 2023 - Ascendion

Ascendion – A Software Engineering Ally to Enterprise Leaders – Aims to Double India Headcount in 2023

Ascendion November 5, 2022
  • A New Provider for Digital Innovation Melds Engineering and Talent Transformation to Elevate Work and Life
  • New models for talent, tech, and commercials are in demand by enterprise clients seeking to embrace the future of work
  • Engineering and talent transformation solutions simplify and accelerate digital innovation for enterprise leaders and the modern workforce
  • Purpose, inclusion, and sustainability are at the core of Ascendion

Bengaluru, India, November 7, 2022 — Today, Ascendion – which launched in October as a separate legal entity – announces its commitment to double its headcount in India to 2,000 employees over the next 12 months. The company delivers software engineering and talent transformation solutions that focus on user experience, cloud, digital platforms, data and insight, and practical applications of the metaverse.

“Leaders in the industries we serve are seeking ways to accelerate digital innovation and transformation,” said Karthik Krishnamurthy, CEO, Ascendion. “Our new model for engineering and talent transformation is in demand by every enterprise ready to embrace the true future of work. We know this because over the recent past, we have grown Ascendion’s teams and engineering capabilities faster than market competitors. This is why we are committing to at least double our headcount in India in 2023.”

The firm provides next-generation software engineering, co-creation delivery, and commercial model flexibility to hundreds of enterprise clients as well as fast-growing digital-first technology companies seeking ways to accelerate change while lowering innovation risk.

“We are a platform of possibilities for India-based talent and ideas,” said Hiten Patel, chairman of Ascendion. “Launching Ascendion is the next step in our journey to create an innovative and high-growth services company that impacts the world through technology and talent from all across India.”

Ascendion clients, which include about a third of Fortune 100 companies, benefit from industry-aligned engineering expertise, proactive client engagement, and global delivery. The firm’s technology experts, skills development capabilities, and enabling engineering platform – known as Ascendion AVA – provide execution transparency and improved business outcomes.

“It has never been more critical for technology to deliver improved customer and employee experiences,” said Phil Fersht, founder, CEO, and chief analyst at HFS Research. “Ascendion offers enterprise leaders new options for digital engineering and expertise that will accelerate how they create value in the future.”

Core to its mission and values, Ascendion is committed to inclusion and sustainability. The company’s first global initiative will focus on reforestation and a commitment to communities in need. “Great companies must lead in helping build healthy communities inside and outside our walls. Sustainability is a long journey, but as a first step we are planting more than 1,000 trees in a 30-hectare area in Sarayu Village (Gangala), NUH District, Haryana, India. To extend our commitment, we will plant an additional tree for every new entry-level hire to illustrate the linkage between our people, our environment, and our future,” continued Krishnamurthy.

About Ascendion

Ascendion is an ally for clients seeking enterprise digital innovation. We make and manage software platforms and products that power growth and deliver captivating experiences. By embracing the future of work, we bring creativity and execution excellence together to make digital transformation valuable (and even fun). Our engineering, cloud, data, experience design, and talent transformation capabilities accelerate innovation for Global 2000 clients. In addition to our remote/hybrid workforce of about 6,000 Ascenders, we have 20 offices across the US (including our New Jersey headquarters) and India. We are committed to building technology that elevates life with an inclusive workforce, service to our communities, and a vibrant culture. For more information, please go to