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Engineers are not just problem solvers

Ascendion October 6, 2023

Ascendion’s Prakash Balasubramanian, Executive Vice President and Global Head, Engineering Practices and Delivery, was featured in an ET Edge Insights article by Lavanya Iyengar, on September 15, 2023. The article, focusing on Engineer’s Day, addresses a few myths about engineers. Prakash shares insights on how being an engineer has shaped his mindset, as well as the ways in which engineers are natural innovators.

Article excerpt:

“My journey as an engineer has equipped me with a unique perspective. Engineering education fosters a mindset of relentless curiosity and the ability to think critically. It encourages us to challenge the status quo and to explore uncharted territories. This mindset has been instrumental in preparing me for a leadership role, where the ability to envision the future and drive innovation is paramount.”

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