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Companies with modern software have the edge

Ascendion January 11, 2023

Ascendion’s Prakash Balasubramanian was quoted in an article by DQC Bureau, December 20, 2022, about IT leaders’ reflections on the learnings from the last year and challenges for the year ahead.

Article excerpt:

“Companies that rapidly engineer modern software solutions have an edge over others who are stuck with traditional IT models and struggle to move at a faster pace. Future businesses will be agile, customer centric and will be powered by modern software built by world class engineers.

Upskilling alone is not sufficient. Craftsmanship is key to engineering world class software that impacts human lives and drives business growth. Firms need to adopt a communities of practice model that nurtures craftsmanship through mentoring, hands on projects, IP creation over and beyond training.

Today, Engineers look for purpose, joy, empathy, and flexibility in doing what they are best at. Ascendion was born during the pandemic and has been set up to engineer modern software leveraging tools and automation. Flexible work hours, high impact work, craftsmanship through Ascendion Circles and sense of community, we offer it all so that our engineers bring their complete selves to work.”
By Prakash Balasubramanian, Executive Vice President, Ascendion

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