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AI awakes to enhance knowledge work

Ascendion April 11, 2023

On April 4, 2023, Ascendion’s Paul Roehrig wrote an engaging article for The Times of India. The article spotlights AI tools such as ChatGPT and how the technology landscape is shifting.

Article excerpt:

“If you think work tomorrow will look like work yesterday, we have some news for you.

We ran a simple little LinkedIn poll, and 43% of respondents said that within five years, ChatGPT was going to be bigger than the Internet or even the steam engine.

Maybe, but the discussion that followed unearthed what is the most likely scenario: the real story about ChatGPT is not actually about ChatGPT specifically. What we’re seeing is even bigger. It’s the first big quake of the technology landscape shifting. It will change—but not destroy—many of the jobs we do today (and tomorrow).

None of us remember the first click of Morse code or a grainy black-and-white picture ontelevision. But you may remember when the Internet became popular in the mid-1990s, or the first time you used a Blackberry, or the first time you swiped on an iPad.

Those moments happened in different centuries, but after each moment, our expectations and understanding of technology shifted massively and irrevocably. Nothing was ever exactly the same afterward.

This season of ChatGPT fever is one of those moments.”

By Paul Roehrig, PhD, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Ascendion

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