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U.S. airline flies again with integrated platform and modern applications

Ascendion February 3, 2022

While the digital economy is growing faster every day for each industry, airlines are especially focused on digital transformation as they look to rebound from the losses incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic slowdown, which virtually grounded travel to a halt. 

 A dream-destination U.S. airline carrier was not equipped to handle the pent-up demand of rebound travel. Its existing monolithic application was difficult to scale. The outdated application led to frequent outages causing delays or rescheduled flights, resulting in huge losses to the airline. The airline also faced challenges in connecting its reservation system to its load-planning system. Incorrect numbers in the load planning system led to hefty fines and take-off delays. 

 The airline needed to become more efficient, save time and cut costs. The answer? An integrated platform and modern applications. To get there, the carrier needed engineering expertise to modernize its system and reduce errors, eliminate data redundancies, reduce costs, inspire innovation, and enhance passenger experiences.  

Engineering excellence boosts flying experiences 

Ascendion engineers architected a microservices application that offered extremely high-level service scalability. The unified service app used a model-driven architecture, making it interoperable with all airport applications. We also built a robust load planning architecture,  seamlessly integrated to the reservation system, with automated load details to avoid errors in numbers. Our solution modernized their app and improved data sync.  

 The solution was based on the Ascendion engineering playbook that drives the innovation engine, powering future modernizations for the airline and its passengers. 

  • AWS infrastructure architecture provided fault tolerance and scalability 
  • Lambda read an on-premise queue and updated custom metrics to CloudWatch 
  • AWS Fargate powered management and orchestration 
  • Kibana with ElastiCache performed log analysis  


Accurate data sharing is on time  

With these improvements, the onus of collecting and sharing accurate data shifted to the application. Flight crew would be able to focus better on ensuring safer, more enjoyable journeys instead of counting numbers. 

  • $3 million savings  
  • 99% data accuracy and speed improvement in load planning 
  • 99.9% on-time flight take-offs 
  • 30% gain in efficiency 
  • 2.5x accelerated development time, leading to 10% more time to innovate 

Tech Stack: AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, CloudWatch, EKS, IBM MQ, Kibana with ElastiCache, Kubernetes cluster on AWS EC2, NET Core, SQS, TK 


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