Powerhouse accounting firm transforms legacy platform into an auditing marvel   - Ascendion

Powerhouse accounting firm transforms legacy platform into an auditing marvel  

Ascendion February 21, 2022

With pressure to do more with less in an environment of unprecedented business disruption, accounting firms today must evolve to become the trusted partner their clients and auditors demand.  

A legendary accounting firm had a massive problem with its legacy audit system. It couldn’t perform data extract/load/transform functions and had limited integrations across disparate systems with no automation. 

A transformation into a modern seamless digital experience for their clients and auditors was needed. The right engineers with the right expertise had to provide a modern digital platform solution with a dynamic user interface to make auditing cycles risk-free. It also had to be flexible and scalable to progress with data and technology landscape changes. 

Working smarter, not harder

Ascendion partnered with the auditing firm to co-engineer an AI/ML-led digital tool, Smart Digital Auditor to simplify and streamline the audit process from end-to-end.  

The auditing platform solution enables complete audit tracking at each stage of the ongoing cycles, including extensive data consolidation, abstraction, and analysis at various levels based on engagements captured via interactive dashboards. Plus, the addition-based platform meets changing business needs by branching out from investment auditing to include income, financial, and capital-based auditing. 

For the powerhouse auditing firm, Smart Digital Auditor enabled more self-driven audits, equipped with a nearly auto-pilot experience for risk-free, repeatable asset management audits. It infused an auto-discovery process for gathering audit inputs and advanced architecture capable of scaling into futuristic audits as part of their growth plan. 

 Modern digital experience boosts audit efficiency 
  • 10x more audits with the same workforce 
  • 100% auditing of client portfolio with 100,000+ assets in a day 
  • 100% confirmation of asset holdings with auto-discovery 



Tech-Stack: Angular, Azure, COSMOS, Gird, .NET, Power BI, SQL Server, Syncfusion

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