Ascendion’s modernized data platform: elevating multi-cloud solutions to new heights

Modernized data platform takes multi-cloud solutions to new heights

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Ascendion September 29, 2022

Data-driven decisions are vital for survival in today’s business landscape. A reliable source of enterprise data is mission critical for an organization’s growth and revenue.

Our client, the largest managed multi-cloud solutions provider, needed to deliver better and faster actionable insights with a modernized data platform to increase innovation and growth.

The client’s system enhancement innovation engine was slow and lacked uniform views of business processes and data models. They were lacking adequate data quality checks, effective documentation and user communities. The client needed expert engineers to build a modernized data platform solution to transform their legacy enterprise data warehouse, enable better data-driven decisions, and lift their business productivity.

Engineering with modern tech capabilities transforms experiences

Ascendion’s engineers got to work to provide a modernized data solution delivered with speed, scale, quality, and flexibility. The framework was powered by our AI-driven, Cloud-based technology platforms.

We reverse engineered the process by starting with the business outcomes and working backward to build a new enterprise data lake on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Given today’s multi-cloud environment, we explored other external solutions to provide maximum benefit. Focused on the future rather than what can be done today, we prioritized efficiency, security, and speed of execution, including:

  • Proposed a test data framework to validate straight loads to GCP Big Query
  • Built a base governance model with a greenfield environment
  • Developed common patterns that were adopted across all focus areas, such as data modeling, transformation, and usage of the data
  • Used Alooma for integrating data from DBMS (Database Management System), streaming data from Kafka, and batch file onboarding
  • Used BigQuery Data Transfer Service to integrate data from SaaS and AWS Kinesis

Experienced engineering lifts business productivity

Ascendion’s engineered modern data platform solution made it possible to run and manage real-time actions on data. The solution enabled multiple processing patterns and transformed experiences for multiple users, including customers, data scientists, and business units. For this major multi-cloud provider, Ascendion’s engineers used modern tech capabilities to transform and enhance experiences and accomplished these outcomes:

  • 93% reduction in deployment time
  • 60% improved release cycles
  • 55% faster migration
  • 35% reduction in cloud operation costs

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